dr. H.M. van Santen

dr. H.M. van Santen

Associate Professor - medical
dr. H.M. van Santen
  • Endocrinology patient care



Dr. H.M. van Santen is clinical researcher, pediatric endocrinologist, and committed to improve the endocrine outcome of children with (oncologic) disease.

"I have the vision that all children should have an optimal hormonal state enabling them to have an optimal daily quality of life and to develop and grow (comparable to their peers) into adulthood. For children with underlying disease, this requires cross-field thinking and collaboration with partners outside of one’s own domain. My mission is to improve outcome of children with any kind of disease by preventing or restoring their endocrine dysfunction. Within this mission, I focus on the key-player of the endocrine system; “the hypothalamus".

Dr. Van Santen moved her career in 2013 to Utrecht to coordinate the endocrine care for children with cancer in the Princess Máxima Center. She has co-authored > 150 papers on the endocrine effects of childhood cancer treatment, pediatric thyroid cancer , craniopharyngioma and hypothalamic dysfunction.

She is an active associate professor in the research program of Child Health, WKZ, UMCU and associate-PI in the Princess Máxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology. In the UMCU Utrecht, she is coordinator of the European Reference Centers for "Rare Hypothalamic Disease", "Pituitary tumors" and "Thyroid Tumors" and , within the Maxima, chair of the M4C Craniopharyngioma. Her research program focusses on hypothalamic dysfunction and hypothalamic obesity, craniopharyngioma, pediatric thyroid cancer and the endocrine effects of childhood cancer treatment. She is an internationally acknowledged expert on hypothalamic dysfunction and pediatric thyroid cancer with regular invited lectures both national and international.

She is the chair of the Dutch Pediatric Endocrinologists (NvK, sectie kinderendocrinologie), of the SIOPe craniopharyngioma working group, and of the European Guideline for Thyroid cancer in children. Together with the Late Effects of Childhood Cancer International Guideline Harmonization Groups (IGHG) she co-chairs the recommendations for thyroid and hypothalamic-pituitary disorders, and is member of the working groups for gonadal toxicity and preservation of fertility and metabolic syndrome.

Side Activities

2020 - now   member of the WKZ Onderzoeksfonds Scientific Committee

2020             member of the Internal Grant committee Princess Maxima Center

2020             Chair SIOPe craniopharyngioma board

2020             Member of the Advisory board of the Academic Japanese Consortium for Juvenile Thyroid Cancer (JCJTC, president Dr Ohtsuru)  

2020             co-PI Prinses Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology Utrecht

2019             BKO qualification UMCU

2019             Chair of the European Task Force for Recommendations of Treatment of Thyroid nodules and Carcinoma in Childhood

2016 – now  Deputy educator ( plaatsvervangend opleider) of the clinical fellow pediatric endocrinology in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, UMCU

2018 - now   member of working group supportive care Princess Maxima Center

2017 - now   member of fertility working group Princess Maxima Center

2016 - now   Co-chair of the IGHG for surveillance of hypothalamic-pituitary disorders in Childhood Cancer Survivors

2016 - now   Participant/ member of the working group of the IGHG working group for  preservation of fertility in male childhood cancer survivors (in progress)

2016 – now  Participant / working group lead of the IGHG working group for preservation of fertility in female childhood cancer survivors (in progress)

2016 - now   Participant/ member of the working group of the IGHG recommendation for surveillance of the metabolic syndrome in childhood cancer survivors (in progress)

2016 - now   Co-chair of the Dutch Guideline for Treatment of Thyroid nodules and cancer in children (in progress)

2016 - now   Participant of  the SIOP supportive care group

2016 - now   Participant of the SIOP low grade glioma working group

2016 - now   Participant of the national consortium for Late effects of treatment for childhood thyroid carcinoma ( PI T Links, UMCG)

2016 - now   Participant of the consortium of the Dexadagen-2 study

2015 - now   Participant of the Dutch Growth Hormone Advisory board (SEK)

2015 - now   Consultative function for the “Cyberpoli” for thyroid diseases and craniopharyngioma(

 2015 – now    Participant of the SKION LATER Recommendations for screening Childhood Cancer Survivors


Fellowship and Awards

2020                ZonMW Stimuleringssubsidie "Implementatie van nieuw behandelalgoritme voor hypothalame obesitas bij kinderen met een supra-sellaire tumor"

2019                KIKA project: THYRO-Dynamics Study (Prospective study on thyroid function during treatment with chemotherapy in 600 children)

2019                Princess Maxima Grant; research grant for 4-year PhD student: “Building an organoid model for craniopharyngioma”

2009-2011      Fellowship kinderendocrinologie in het Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC

Research Output (158)

Hydrocortisone to reduce dexamethasone-induced neurobehavioral side-effects in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia—results of a double-blind, randomised controlled trial with cross-over design

van Hulst Annelienke M., van den Akker Erica L.T., Verwaaijen Emma J., Fiocco Marta, Rensen Niki, van Litsenburg Raphaële R.L., Pluijm Saskia M.F., Zwaan C. Michel, van Santen Hanneke M., Pieters Rob, Evers Andrea W.M., Grootenhuis Martha A., van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M. Jul 2023, In: European Journal of Cancer. 187 , p. 124-133 10 p.

Elevated IGF-1 concentrations in children with low grade glioma:A descriptive analysis in a retrospective national cohort

van Schaik Jiska, van Roessel Ichelle M A A, Bos Iris D, Claashen-van der Grinten Hedi L, Clement Sarah C, van Iersel Laura, Bakker Boudewijn, Meijer Lisethe, Kremer Leontien, Schouten-van Meeteren A Y Netteke, van Santen Hanneke M 20 Jun 2023, In: Journal of Neuroendocrinology. 35

A joint international consensus statement for measuring quality of survival for patients with childhood cancer

van Kalsbeek Rebecca J, Hudson Melissa M, Mulder Renée L, Ehrhardt Matthew, Green Daniel M, Mulrooney Daniel A, Hakkert Jessica, den Hartogh Jaap, Nijenhuis Anouk, van Santen Hanneke M, Schouten-van Meeteren Antoinette Y N, van Tinteren Harm, Verbruggen Lisanne C, Conklin Heather M, Jacola Lisa M, Webster Rachel Tillery, Partanen Marita, Kollen Wouter J W, Grootenhuis Martha A, Pieters Rob, Kremer Leontien C M, 15 Jun 2023, In: Nature Medicine. 29 , p. 1340-1348 9 p.

Changes in thyroid function parameters 3 months after allogeneic and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in children

Lebbink C A, Bresters D, Tersteeg J P B, van den Bos C, Dierselhuis M P, Lentjes E G W M, Verrijn Stuart A A, Fiocco M, Tissing W J E, van Santen H M 26 May 2023, In: European Journal of Endocrinology. 188 , p. 503-509 7 p.

Self-reported outcomes on oral health and oral health-related quality of life in long-term childhood cancer survivors—A DCCSS-LATER 2 Study

Stolze Juliette, Raber-Durlacher Judith E., Loonen Jacqueline J., Teepen Jop C., Ronckers Cécile M., Tissing Wim J.E., de Vries Andrica C.H., Neggers Sebastian J.C.M.M., Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M., van der Pal Helena J.H., Versluys A. Birgitta, Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Louwerens Marloes, Kremer Leontien C.M., Bresters Dorine, Brand Henk S., Grootenhuis Martha, van Leeuwen Flora, van der Steeg Lideke, Janssens Geert, van Santen Hanneke, Veening Margreet, den Hartoghg Jaap, Pluijm Saskia, Batenburg Lilian, de Ridder Hanneke, Hollema Nynke, Teunissen Lennart, Schellekens Anke, 19 May 2023, In: Supportive Care in Cancer. 31

Does Ultrasound Really Contribute to Detection of Residual/Recurrent Disease After Pediatric Thyroidectomy? Preliminary Data Supporting a "Thyroglobulin-First" Approach

Lebbink Chantal Anne, Van Santen Hanneke Margo, Daneman Alan, Wasserman Jonathan Daniel 1 May 2023, In: Thyroid. 33 , p. 645-649 5 p.

Frailty and sarcopenia within the earliest national Dutch childhood cancer survivor cohort (DCCSS-LATER):a cross-sectional study

van Atteveld Jenneke E., de Winter Demi T.C., Pluimakers Vincent G., Fiocco Marta, Nievelstein Rutger A.J., Hobbelink Monique G.G., Kremer Leontien C.M., Grootenhuis Martha A., Maurice-Stam Heleen, Tissing Wim J.E., de Vries Andrica C.H., Loonen Jacqueline J., van Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, van der Pal Helena J.H., Pluijm Saskia M.F., van der Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Versluijs A. Birgitta, Louwerens Marloes, Bresters Dorine, van Santen Hanneke M., Hoefer Imo, van den Berg Sjoerd A.A., den Hartogh Jaap, Hoeijmakers Jan H.J., Neggers Sebastian J.C.M.M., van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M., Apr 2023, In: The Lancet Healthy Longevity. 4 , p. e155-e165

Thyroid dysfunction during treatment with systemic antineoplastic therapy for childhood cancer:a systematic review

van der Leij Stephanie, Lebbink Chantal A, Lentjes Eef Gwm, Tissing Wim Je, Stuart Annemarie Verrijn, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, van Santen Hanneke M, van Dalen Elvira C 10 Mar 2023, In: Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology. 184

Thyroid Profile in the First Three Months after Starting Treatment in Children with Newly Diagnosed Cancer

Lebbink Chantal A, van den Bos Cor, Dierselhuis Miranda P, Fiocco Marta, Verrijn Stuart Annemarie A, Lentjes Eef G W M, Plasschaert Sabine L A, Tissing Wim J E, van Santen Hanneke M Mar 2023, In: Cancers. 15

Could deep brain stimulation be a possible solution for acquired hypothalamic obesity?

Dassen Amber R, van Schaik Jiska, van den Munckhof Pepijn, Schuurman P R, Hoving Eelco W, van Santen Hanneke M Mar 2023, In: Heliyon. 9 , p. 1-8

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