dr. M. (Maarten) van Smeden

Assistant Professor

  • Department of Epidemiology

Research Output (28)

Measurement error in continuous endpoints in randomised trials:Problems and solutions

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Does a bounding exercise program prevent hamstring injuries in adult male soccer players? – A cluster-RCT

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Forcing dichotomous disease classification from reference standards leads to bias in diagnostic accuracy estimates:a simulation study

Jenniskens Kevin, Naaktgeboren Christiana A, Reitsma Johannes B, Hooft Lotty, Moons Karel G M, van Smeden Maarten 20 mrt 2019, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 111 , p. 1-10 10 p.

Sample size considerations and predictive performance of multinomial logistic prediction models

de Jong Valentijn M.T., Eijkemans Marinus J.C., van Calster Ben, Timmerman Dirk, Moons Karel G.M., Steyerberg Ewout W., van Smeden Maarten 6 jan 2019, In: Statistics in Medicine. 38 , p. 1601-1619 19 p.

Protect pregnant women by including them in clinical research

Browne Joyce, van der Zande Indira, van Smeden Maarten, van der Graaf Rieke 26 sep 2018, In: BMJ (Online). 362

Measurement error is often neglected in medical literature:a systematic review

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Challenges in measuring interprofessional-interorganisational collaboration with a questionnaire

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Towards an appropriate framework to facilitate responsible inclusion of pregnant women in drug development programs

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Random measurement error:Why worry? An example of cardiovascular risk factors

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How variation in predictor measurement affects the discriminative ability and transportability of a prediction model

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