dr. M.J. van Steensel

dr. M.J. van Steensel

Assistant Professor
dr. M.J. van Steensel
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery

Research Output (53)

Open multimodal iEEG-fMRI dataset from naturalistic stimulation with a short audiovisual film

Berezutskaya Julia, Vansteensel Mariska J., Aarnoutse Erik J., Freudenburg Zachary V., Piantoni Giovanni, Branco Mariana P., Ramsey Nick F. 21 Mar 2022, In: Scientific data. 9 , p. 1-13

Narrative comprehension and production abilities of children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Selten Iris, Boerma Tessel, Everaert Emma, Vansteensel Mariska J., Vorstman Jacob, Wijnen Frank Dec 2021, In: Research in Developmental Disabilities. 119 , p. 1-11

Distinct representation of ipsilateral hand movements in sensorimotor areas

Bruurmijn Mark L C M, Raemaekers Mathijs, Branco Mariana P, Ramsey Nick F, Vansteensel Mariska J Nov 2021, In: European Journal of Neuroscience. 54 , p. 7599-7608 10 p.

Decoding four hand gestures with a single bipolar pair of electrocorticography electrodes

Verwoert Maxime, Vansteensel Mariska J., Freudenburg Zachary V., Aarnoutse Erik J., Leijten Frans S.S., Ramsey Nick F., Branco Mariana P. 4 Oct 2021, In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 18 , p. 1-10

Decoding attempted phantom hand movements from ipsilateral sensorimotor areas after amputation

Bruurmijn L. C.M., Raemaekers M., Branco M. P., Vansteensel M. J., Ramsey N. F. Oct 2021, In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 18 , p. 1-9

Reduced brain activation during spoken language processing in children with developmental language disorder and children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Vansteensel Mariska J., Selten Iris S., Charbonnier Lisette, Berezutskaya Julia, Raemaekers Mathijs A.H., Ramsey Nick F., Wijnen Frank 30 Jul 2021, In: Neuropsychologia. 158

Brain-Computer Interfaces for Communication:Preferences of Individuals With Locked-in Syndrome

Branco Mariana P., Pels Elmar G.M., Sars Ruben H., Aarnoutse Erik J., Ramsey Nick F., Vansteensel Mariska J., Nijboer Femke 1 Mar 2021, In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 35 , p. 267-279 13 p.

Detailed somatotopy of tongue movement in the human sensorimotor cortex:A case study

Schippers Anouck, Vansteensel Mariska J, Freudenburg Zachary V, Leijten Frans S S, Ramsey Nick F 19 Jan 2021, In: Brain stimulation. 14 , p. 287-289 3 p.

The dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex bi-polar error-related potential in a locked-in patient implanted with a daily use brain–computer interface

Freudenburg Zachary, Kohneshin Khaterah, Aarnoutse Erik, Vansteensel Mariska, Branco Mariana, Leinders Sacha, van den Boom Max, Pels Elmar G.M., Ramsey Nick 2021, In: Control Theory and Technology. 19 , p. 444-454 11 p.

FMRI and intra-cranial electrocorticography recordings in the same human subjects reveals negative BOLD signal coupled with silenced neuronal activity

Fracasso Alessio, Gaglianese Anna, Vansteensel Mariska J., Aarnoutse Erik J., Ramsey Nick F., Dumoulin Serge O., Petridou Natalia 2021, In: Brain structure & function. 227 , p. 1371-1384 14 p.

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