dr. L.F.D. (Lize) van Vulpen

Assistant Professor - medical

  • Hematology/Van Creveldclinic

Research Output (25)

An update on the ‘danger theory’ in inhibitor development in hemophilia A

Schep Sarah J, Boes Marianne L, Schutgens Roger E G, van Vulpen Lize F D 5 apr 2019, In: Expert Review of Hematology. 12 , p. 335-344 10 p.

Models of arthropathy:what can we learn from them to improve patient care?

Pulles Astrid E, Lafeber Floris P J G, van Vulpen Lize F D 19 sep 2018, In: Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 58 , p. 565-566 2 p.

Gewrichtsschade ten gevolge van hemofilie

van Vulpen LFD, Pulles AE, Lafeber FPJG, Mastbergen SC, Schutgens REG sep 2018, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Hematologie. 15 , p. 257 264 p.

Continuous infusion of extended half-life factor VIII (efmoroctocog alpha) for surgery in severe haemophilia A

Kremer Hovinga I. C.L., Schutgens R. E.G., van der Valk P. R., van Vulpen L. F.D., Mauser-Bunschoten E. P., Fischer K. 1 jul 2018, In: Haemophilia. 24 , p. e280-e283

The combination of urinary CTX-II and serum CS-846:Promising biochemical markers to predict radiographic progression of haemophilic arthropathy—An exploratory study

Pulles A. E., Mastbergen S. C., Foppen W., Schutgens R. E.G., Lafeber F. P.J.G., van Vulpen L. F.D. jun 2018, In: Haemophilia. 24 , p. e278-e280

Joint disease in haemophilia:Pathophysiology, pain and imaging

van Vulpen L. F.D., Holstein K., Martinoli C. 1 mei 2018, In: Haemophilia. 24 , p. 44-49 6 p.

Severe Wound Healing Impairment in a Patient with Dysfibrinogenaemia

van Vulpen Lize F D, Amin Shwan N, Makris Michael feb 2018, In: Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 118 , p. 430-432 3 p.

Iron and inflammation: a joint problem:in blood-induced arthropathy

van Vulpen L.F.D. 9 nov 2017, 181 p.

A fusion protein of interleukin-4 and interleukin-10 protects against blood-induced cartilage damage in vitro and in vivo

van Vulpen L F D, Popov-Celeketic J, van Meegeren M. E R, Coeleveld K, van Laar J M, Hack C E, Schutgens R E G, Mastbergen S C, Lafeber F P J G sep 2017, In: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 15 , p. 1788-1798 11 p.

The current state of adverse event reporting in hemophilia

van Vulpen Lize F D, Saccullo Giorgia, Iorio Alfonso, Makris Michael jul 2017, In: Expert Review of Hematology. 10 , p. 161-168 8 p.

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