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Highly multiplexed spatial analysis identifies tissue-resident memory T cells as drivers of ulcerative and immune checkpoint inhibitor colitis

van Eijs Mick J.M., ter Linde José J.M., Baars Matthijs J.D., Amini Mojtaba, Laclé Miangela M., Brand Eelco C., Delemarre Eveline M., Drylewicz Julia, Nierkens Stefan, Verheijden Rik J., Oldenburg Bas, Vercoulen Yvonne, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M., van Wijk Femke 20 Oct 2023, In: iScience. 26

Toxicity-specific peripheral blood T and B cell dynamics in anti-PD-1 and combined immune checkpoint inhibition

van Eijs Mick J M, Verheijden Rik J, van der Wees Stefanie A, Nierkens Stefan, van Lindert Anne S R, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M, van Wijk Femke, 4 Oct 2023, In: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 72 , p. 4049-4064 16 p.

Immunosuppression for immune-related adverse events during checkpoint inhibition:an intricate balance

Verheijden Rik J, van Eijs Mick J M, May Anne M, van Wijk Femke, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M 12 May 2023, In: NPJ precision oncology. 7

Limited excretion of dupilumab into breastmilk:A case report

Dekkers Coco, El Amrani Mohsin, van Luin Matthijs, Bakker Daphne, Plusjé Leon, van Wijk Femke, de Bruin-Weller Marjolein 5 May 2023, In: JEADV : journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. 37 , p. e1154-e1155

Biological Tipping Point in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Treated with Different Dosing Intervals of Dupilumab

Dekkers Coco, van der Wal M Marlot, El Amrani Mohsin, van Luin Matthijs, Bakker Daphne S, de Bruin-Weller Marjolein, van Wijk Femke 28 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 143 , p. 1822-1825.e3

Dupilumab-associated ocular surface disease in atopic dermatitis patients:clinical characteristics, ophthalmic treatment response, and conjunctival goblet cell analysis

Achten Roselie, Thijs Judith, van der Wal Marlot, van Luijk Chantal, de Graaf Marlies, Bakker Daphne, de Boer Joke, van Wijk Femke, de Bruin-Weller Marjolein 19 Mar 2023, In: Allergy. 78 , p. 2266-2276 11 p.

Compartmentalization and persistence of dominant (regulatory) T cell clones indicates antigen skewing in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Mijnheer Gerdien, Servaas Nila Hendrika, Leong Jing Yao, Boltjes Arjan, Spierings Eric, Chen Phyllis, Lai Liyun, Petrelli Alessandra, Vastert Sebastiaan, de Boer Rob J, Albani Salvatore, Pandit Aridaman, van Wijk Femke 23 Jan 2023, In: eLife. 12

Epigenetic changes in inflammatory arthritis monocytes contribute to disease and can be targeted by JAK inhibition

Peeters Janneke G C, Boltjes Arjan, Scholman Rianne C, Vervoort Stephin J, Coffer Paul J, Mokry Michal, Vastert Sebastiaan J, van Wijk Femke, van Loosdregt Jorg 10 Jan 2023, In: Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 62 , p. 2887-2897 11 p.

Bi-allelic variants in NAE1 cause intellectual disability, ischiopubic hypoplasia, stress-mediated lymphopenia and neurodegeneration

Muffels Irena J.J., Schene Imre F., Rehmann Holger, Massink Maarten P.G., van der Wal Maria M., Bauder Corinna, Labeur Martha, Armando Natalia G., Lequin Maarten H., Houben Michiel L., Giltay Jaques C., Haitjema Saskia, Huisman Albert, Vansenne Fleur, Bluvstein Judith, Pappas John, Shailee Lala V., Zarate Yuri A., Mokry Michal, van Haaften Gijs W., Nieuwenhuis Edward E.S., Refojo Damian, van Wijk Femke, Fuchs Sabine A., van Hasselt Peter M. 5 Jan 2023, In: American Journal of Human Genetics. 110 , p. 146-160 15 p.

Human TH17 cells engage gasdermin E pores to release IL-1α on NLRP3 inflammasome activation

Chao Ying-Yin, Puhach Alisa, Frieser David, Arunkumar Mahima, Lehner Laurens, Seeholzer Thomas, Garcia-Lopez Albert, van der Wal Marlot, Fibi-Smetana Silvia, Dietschmann Axel, Sommermann Thomas, Ćiković Tamara, Taher Leila, Gresnigt Mark S, Vastert Sebastiaan J, van Wijk Femke, Panagiotou Gianni, Krappmann Daniel, Groß Olaf, Zielinski Christina E 5 Jan 2023, In: Nature immunology. 24 , p. 295-308 14 p.

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