prof. dr. S. (Sebastiaan) Veersema

Full Professor
prof. dr. S. (Sebastiaan) Veersema

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Professional appointments              Employment history and functions     

 2016- to date                             Member of Disciplinary College the Hague

 01-01-2016 - to date                  Chief Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology

                                                  University Medical Centre, Utrecht

01-07-1991 - to date                    Gynaecologist, consultant, Sint Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein/Utrecht

 2009 – 2014                               Medical Manager Health Division, Man, Woman and Child,       Sint   Antonius      Hospital Nieuwegein/Utrecht

 2007 – 2009                              Medical Manager Health Division Mother & Child, Sint Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein

 1996 - 2007                               Medical Manager Health Division Surgery, Sint Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein/Utrecht

 1990 - 1991                               Fellow Reproductive Medicine of the VU University Medical Centre (VUmc), Amsterdam

 1989 - 1990                               Registar Ob/Gyn  St Elisabeth Gasthuis, Haarlem

 1985 -1989                                Registar Ob/Gyn VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam

 1983 – 1985                               Houseofficer (ANIOS) Ob/Gyn St Lambertus Hospital, Helmond

Side Activities

    1. Teaching experience

      Regular courses per faculty

      Postdoctoral courses

      Miscellaneous teaching activities

       2015                                        Teacher Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy, RCOG/BSGE
                                                     London, United Kingdom

       2002 - to date                            Teacher Hysteroscopy Course for Ob/Gyn residents. Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven (annually)       


      2009 - 2013                               Teacher Course Advanced Laparoscopy, Covidien European Training Centre, Elancourt France. (annually)                            

    2.  2008 - 2013                               Teacher Course M-poli, ambulatory diagnosis & Therapy. Course for gynaecologists and AIOS: Theory and hands on.

      St LucasAnderas Hospital, Amsterdam(annually)

       2012                                        Teacher Diagnostic and operative Hysteroscopy, RCOG/BSGE
                                                     London, United Kingdom

       2012                                         Teacher Hands On Animal Laparoscopic training course, Asian Pasific Conference of gynecologic Surgery, Jakarta, Indonesië

       2012                                         Contraception. Landelijke Opleidingsdagen NVOG,

       2011                                         Masterclass for General Practioners Contraception

       2011-2012                                 Teacher Workshop Hysteroscopy, Asian Pasific Conference of gynecologic Surgery, Jakarta, Indonesië

       2010                                         Teacher: Minor healthcare, TU Delft

       2008 – to date                           Cobra alpha training beginners course laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for registrars. Leiden University Medical Centre (annualy).

  • Memberships:

    Nederlandse Vereniging Obstetrie Gynaecologie           (NVOG)


    American Association Gynaecological Laparoscopy      (AAGL)


    European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy         (ESGE)


    Werkgroep Gynaecologische Endoscopie                    (WGE)

    Dutch Menopause Society


    European Menopause and Andropause Society                        (EMAS)


Research Output (35)

Symptomatic Bilateral Granulomas after Essure Sterilization

Hoogendam Jacob P, Vreuls Celien P H, Veersema Sebastiaan 30 dec 2019, In: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 27 , p. 1237-1238

Is there evidence to treat bleeding disturbances during long-term 52 mg LNG-IUS use with estrogen?

Bui Bich N, Veersema Sebastiaan, Geomini Peggy M A J, Bongers Marlies Y 24 dec 2019, In: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology. 245 , p. 217-219 3 p.

Long-term follow-up after successful Essure sterilization:evaluation of patient satisfaction, symptoms, and the influence of negative publicity

Vleugels Michel P H, Veersema Sebastiaan, Braat Didi D M, Nieboer Theodoor E 1 dec 2019, In: Fertility and Sterility. 112 , p. 1144-1149 6 p.

Removal of Essure Sterilization Devices:A Retrospective Cohort Study in the Netherlands

Maassen Liselotte W., Haveman Ilse, Bongers Marlies Y., Veersema Sebastiaan 16 okt 2018, In: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 26 , p. 1056-1062 7 p.

The randomised uterine septum transsection trial (TRUST):Design and protocol

Rikken J. F.W., Kowalik C. R., Emanuel M. H., Bongers M. Y., Spinder T., De Kruif J. H., Bloemenkamp K. W.M., Jansen F. W., Veersema S., Mulders A. G.M.G.J., Thurkow A. L., Hald K., Mohazzab A., Khalaf Y., Clark T. J., Farrugia M., Van Vliet H. A., Stephenson M. S., Van Der Veen F., Van Wely M., Mol B. W.J., Goddijn M. 5 okt 2018, In: BMC Women's Health. 18

Hysteroscopic resection of a uterine caesarean scar defect (niche) in women with postmenstrual spotting:a randomised controlled trial

Vervoort A J M W, Van der Voet L F, Hehenkamp W J K, Thurkow A L, van Kesteren P J M, Quartero H, Kuchenbecker W, Bongers M, Geomini P, de Vleeschouwer L H M, van Hooff M H A, van Vliet H, Veersema S, Renes W B, Oude Rengerink K, Zwolsman S E, Brölmann H A M, Mol B W J, Huirne J A F feb 2018, In: BJOG - An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 125 , p. 326-334

Misoprostol for cervical priming prior to hysteroscopy in postmenopausal and premenopausal nulliparous women; a multicentre randomised placebo controlled trial

Tasma M L, Louwerse M D, Hehenkamp W J, Geomini P M, Bongers M Y, Veersema S, van Kesteren P J, Tromp E, Huirne J A, Graziosi G C jan 2018, In: BJOG - An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 125 , p. 81-89

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a Non-Invasive Treatment Modality for Patients with Abdominal Wall Endometriosis

Stehouwer Bertine L, Braat Manon N G, Veersema Sebastiaan 2018, In: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 25 , p. 1300-1304 5 p.

Intracavitary deposits on Essure® hysteroscopic sterilization devices:A case report

Maassen L. W., van Gastel Maatje D A, Lentjes E. G.W.M., Bongers M. Y., Veersema S. 1 jul 2017, In: Case Reports in Women's Health. 15 , p. 3-5 3 p.

Niches after cesarean section in a population seeking hysteroscopic sterilization

Voet Lucy Lucet F van der, Limperg Tobias, Veersema Sebastiaan, Timmermans Anne M., Bij de Vaate A. Marjolein J., Brölmann Hans A M, Huirne Judith A F 1 jul 2017, In: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology. 214 , p. 104-108 5 p.

All Research Output (35)