dr. K.C.M. (Kitty) Verhoeckx

Assistant Professor

  • Dermatology and Allergology

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Allergenicity prediction of novel and modified proteins:Not a mission impossible! Development of a Random Forest allergenicity prediction model

Westerhout Joost, Krone Tanja, Snippe Almar, Babé Lilia, McClain Scott USRE, Ladics Gregory S., Houben Geert GF, Verhoeckx Kitty CM okt 2019, In: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 107

Defining the targets for the assessment of IgE-mediated allergenicity of new or modified food proteins

Houben Geert, Blom Marty, Alvito Paula, Assunção Ricardo, Crevel René, Fæste Christiane Kruse, Le Thuy My, Madsen Charlotte Bernhard, Remington Ben, Stroheker Thomas, Vassilopoulou Emilia, Verhoeckx Kitty, Žiarovská Jana, Constable Anne 1 mei 2019, In: Food and Chemical Toxicology. 127 , p. 61-69 9 p.

Legume Protein Consumption and the Prevalence of Legume Sensitization

Smits Mark, Le Thuy My, Welsing Paco, Houben Geert, Knulst André, Verhoeckx Kitty 19 okt 2018, In: Nutrients. 10

A subset of walnut allergic adults is sensitized to walnut 11S globulin Jug r 4

Blankestijn M. A., den Hartog Jager C. F., Blom W. M., Otten H. G., de Jong G. A.H., Gaspari Marco, Houben G. F., Knulst A. C., Verhoeckx K. C.M. sep 2018, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 48 , p. 1206-1213

Insect (food) allergy and allergens

de Gier Steffie, Verhoeckx Kitty 1 aug 2018, In: Molecular Immunology. 100 , p. 82-106 25 p.

Is mealworm or shrimp allergy indicative for food allergy to insects?

Broekman Henrike C.H.P., Knulst André C., de Jong Govardus, Gaspari Marco, den Hartog Jager Constance F., Houben Geert F., Verhoeckx Kitty C.M. 1 sep 2017, In: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. 61

Primary respiratory and food allergy to mealworm

Broekman Henrike C.H.P., Knulst André C., den Hartog Jager Constance F., van Bilsen Jolanda H.M., Raymakers Florine M.L., Kruizinga Astrid G., Gaspari Marco, Gabriele Caterine, Bruijnzeel-Koomen Carla A.F.M., Houben Geert F., Verhoeckx Kitty C.M. 6 apr 2017, In: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 140 , p. 600-603.e7

Application of the adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept to structure the available in vivo and in vitro mechanistic data for allergic sensitization to food proteins

van Bilsen Jolanda H M, Sienkiewicz-Szłapka Edyta, Lozano-Ojalvo Daniel, Willemsen Linette E M, Antunes Celia M, Molina Elena, Smit Joost J, Wróblewska Barbara, Wichers Harry J, Knol Edward F, Ladics Gregory S, Pieters Raymond H H, Denery-Papini Sandra, Vissers Yvonne M, Bavaro Simona L, Larré Colette, Verhoeckx Kitty C M, Roggen Erwin L 2017, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 7

Allergenicity assessment strategy for novel food proteins and protein sources

Verhoeckx Kitty, Broekman Henrike, Knulst André, Houben Geert aug 2016, In: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 79 , p. 118–124

Majority of shrimp-allergic patients are allergic to mealworm

Broekman Henrike, Verhoeckx Kitty C., Den Hartog Jager Constance F., Kruizinga Astrid G., Pronk-Kleinjan Marieke, Remington Benjamin C., Bruijnzeel-Koomen Carla A., Houben Geert F., Knulst André C. 1 apr 2016, In: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 137 , p. 1261-1263 3 p.

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