dr. J.J.C. (Joost) Verhoeff

dr. J.J.C. (Joost) Verhoeff

Associate Professor - medical
dr. J.J.C. (Joost) Verhoeff
  • Department of Radiotherapy

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View my YouTube research presentation (in Dutch):

MRI-geleide radiotherapie in Utrecht: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


Performing research is expensive. If you want to support us to speed things up, please contact me.

T. 088 - 75 588 00 E.


My lab's mission is to redefine Standard Radiotherapy

As radiation oncologists, we want to treat cancer patients with high precision radiotherapy. The UMC Utrecht has the right team and right machinery for this (3x MRI-linac, 10x CT-linac). My lab's goal is to design the best cancer treatment for each patient. Some patients want to live as long as possible regardless of treatment side effects, others want quality of life. To find balance is key.

The UMC Utrecht department of Radiation Oncology is a terrific place to do clinical research, as it is even the birthplace of the MRI-linac. Next, the Radiation Oncology department harbours 2 1.5T MRI systems, a 3.0T MRI, a 7.0T MRI and a MRI/PET scanner.

Joost Verhoeff subspecialized in treatment of brain tumors, lung cancer and cardiac SBRT. About half of his time he spends on research as associate professor.


Brain tumors:

- Increasing quality of life by compact but extremely precise focused radiation treatment

- Increasing overall survival by combining better treatment modalities

- Principal Investigator of ZonMW funded GOLD trial (dutch info), 30x2Gy+TMZ versus 6x6Gy+TMZ for primary GBM (responsible researcher drs. Arthur van der Boog)

- Principal Investigator of KWF funded RISinG trial (dutch info), 10x3.5Gy versus 4x7.5Gy for recurrent GBM (responsible researcher drs. Arthur van der Boog)


Brain metastases:

- Finding best treatments for each specific patient: personalized medicine.

- Increasing quality of life by incorporating MR-guided treatment post operative (MRI-linac)

- Coimbra brain metastasis prospective cohort (website, (responsible researcher drs. Fia Cialdella)


Lung cancer:

- Better predicting patient survival and toxicity by smart analyses

- Increasing quality of life by incorporating MR-guided treatment (MR-Linac)

- U-color prospective cohort, for all lung cancer patients that receive radiotherapy


Cardiac Ablative SBRT:

- In the lead of a consortium of 30 European hospitals we develop strategies to treat Ventricular Tachycardia in the framework (Principal Investigator, EU H2020 grant).



- Szabolcs David PhD (brain tumors, imaging)
- Jacqueline Pomp MD PhD, radiation oncologist, (lung cancer and deep learning)
- Peter van Rossum MD PhD MSc, resident radiation oncologist (MRI-linac, epidemiology, lung cancer)


PhD students:

- Eva van Grinsven MSc (neuro-psychology, brain tumors)
- Arthur van der Boog BS (brain tumors, clinical trials)
- Belle van Duin MD (melanoma, imaging, pathology)
- Fia Cialdella MD (brain metastases, neuro-oncology)


Residents radiation oncology performing research:

- Joyce Lodeweges MD (lung cancer)
- Max Peters MD PhD MSc (epidemiology, lung cancer)
- Pim Damen MD (immunotherapies)
- Emma Wolters MD PhD (neuro oncology)
- Rosa Sleddering MD (neuro oncology)


Students (medical, biomedical, informatics):

- Michelle Sierts (MR-Linac for brain tumors)
- Karlijn Smitt (brain tumors)
- Lucie Egberink (lung cancer)
- Myra van Laar (lung cancer)

Former group members (medical, biomedical, informatics):

- Steven Nagtegaal MD PhD (brain tumors, cognitive changes)
- Wouter van Amsterdam MD PhD (deep learning, lung cancer)
- Selena Huisman (brain tumor imaging)
- Victor Wasser (brain tumor imaging)
- Salah Gasle (brain tumor imaging)
- Mathijs Tomassen (lung cancer)
- Sjors Witteveen (lung cancer)
- Hajo Boersma (psychiatric disorders and radiotherapy)
- Hugo van Joolingen (lung cancer)
- Anne van der Tuin (MR-Linac for lung cancer)
- Eva Swinkels (lung cancer)
- Marnix Rading MD (lung cancer)
- Laura Merckel MD PhD (MRI-linac lung cancer)
- Bas Arends (deep learning for spine tumor treatment)
- Jasper Hennecken (spinal imaging)
- Céline Bogers (lung cancer)
- Eliza van Wulfften Palthe (brain metastases)
- Anouk Steennis (brain tumors)
- Ali Ghannam (brain metastases cohort)
- Emma Nessen (brain metastases)
- Marc Pijper (lung cancer)
- Cathalijne Post (brain tumors)
- Robin Schuijlenburg (brain tumors)
- Merel Kraak (lung cancer)
- Suzanne Vellinga (lung cancer)
- Netanja Harlianto (lung cancer)
- Yannic Hanekamp (Covid treatment)
- Sjors Wagemakers (pain meassurement)
- Max van Essen (brain tumors)
- Chris Hammerstein (survival analyses)




Full list of publications on PubMed: click here (automatic list is incomplete)

Research Output (157)

Refining critical structure contouring in STereotactic Arrhythmia Radioablation (STAR):Benchmark results and consensus guidelines from the consortium

Balgobind Brian V, Visser Jorrit, Grehn Melanie, Marquard Knap Marianne, de Ruysscher Dirk, Levis Mario, Alcantara Pino, Boda-Heggemann Judit, Both Marcus, Cozzi Salvatore, Cvek Jakub, Dieleman Edith M T, Elicin Olgun, Giaj-Levra Niccolò, Jumeau Raphaël, Krug David, Algara López Manuel, Mayinger Michael, Mehrhof Felix, Miszczyk Marcin, Pérez-Calatayud Maria José, van der Pol Luuk H G, van der Toorn Peter-Paul, Vitolo Viviana, Postema Pieter G, Pruvot Etienne, Verhoeff Joost C, Blanck Oliver 10 Oct 2023, In: Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. 189 8 p.

Recurrences of ventricular tachycardia after stereotactic arrhythmia radioablation arise outside the treated volume:analysis of the Swiss cohort

Herrera Siklody Claudia, Schiappacasse Luis, Jumeau Raphaël, Reichlin Tobias, Saguner Ardan M, Andratschke Nicolaus, Elicin Olgun, Schreiner Frederic, Kovacs Boldizsar, Mayinger Michael, Huber Adrian, Verhoeff Joost J C, Pascale Patrizio, Solana Muñoz Jorge, Luca Adrian, Domenichini Giulia, Moeckli Raphael, Bourhis Jean, Ozsahin Esat M, Pruvot Etienne 5 Oct 2023, In: Europace : European pacing, arrhythmias, and cardiac electrophysiology : journal of the working groups on cardiac pacing, arrhythmias, and cardiac cellular electrophysiology of the European Society of Cardiology. 25 10 p.

Interobserver variability in target definition for stereotactic arrhythmia radioablation

van der Ree Martijn H., Cuculich Phillip S., van Herk Marcel, Hugo Geoffrey D., Balt Jippe C., Bates Matthew, Ho Gordon, Pruvot Etienne, Herrera-Siklody Claudia, Hoeksema Wiert F., Lee Justin, Lloyd Michael S., Kemme Michiel J.B., Sacher Frederic, Tixier Romain, Verhoeff Joost J.C., Balgobind Brian V., Robinson Clifford G., Rasch Coen R.N., Postema Pieter G. 20 Sep 2023, In: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 10 9 p.

Evaluating Physiological MRI Parameters in Patients with Brain Metastases Undergoing Stereotactic Radiosurgery-A Preliminary Analysis and Case Report

van Grinsven Eva E, de Leeuw Jordi, for Neuroimaging, Amsterdam, Netherlands Spinoza, Verhoeff Joost J C, van Zandvoort Martine J E, Cho Junghun, Philippens Marielle E P, Bhogal Alex A Sep 2023, In: Cancers. 15 26 p.

Stereotactic Arrhythmia Radioablation (STAR):Assessment of cardiac and respiratory heart motion in ventricular tachycardia patients - A consortium review

Stevens Raoul R F, Hazelaar Colien, Fast Martin F, Mandija Stefano, Grehn Melanie, Cvek Jakub, Knybel Lukas, Dvorak Pavel, Pruvot Etienne, Verhoeff Joost, Blanck Oliver, van Elmpt Wouter 4 Aug 2023, In: Radiotherapy & Oncology. 188

Practice variation in re-resection for recurrent glioblastoma:A nationwide survey among Dutch neuro-oncology specialists

van Opijnen Mark P, de Vos Filip Y F, Nabuurs Rob J A, Snijders Tom J, Nandoe Tewarie Rishi D S, Taal Walter, Verhoeff Joost J C, van der Hoeven Jacobus J M, Broekman Marike L D 1 Aug 2023, In: Neuro-Oncology Practice. 10 , p. 360-369 10 p.

Designing clinical trials based on modern imaging and metastasis-directed treatments in patients with oligometastatic breast cancer:a consensus recommendation from the EORTC Imaging and Breast Cancer Groups

Pasquier David, Bidaut Luc, Oprea-Lager Daniela Elena, deSouza Nandita M., Krug David, Collette Laurence, Kunz Wolfgang, Belkacemi Yazid, Bau Maria Grazia, Caramella Caroline, De Geus-Oei Lioe Fee, De Caluwé Alex, Deroose Christophe, Gheysens Olivier, Herrmann Ken, Kindts Isabelle, Kontos Michalis, Kümmel Sherko, Linderholm Barbro, Lopci Egesta, Meattini Icro, Smeets Ann, Kaidar-Person Orit, Poortmans Philip, Tsoutsou Pelagia, Hajjaji Nawale, Russell Nicola, Senkus Elżbieta, Talbot Jean Noël, Umutlu Lale, Vandecaveye Vincent, Verhoeff Joost J.C., van Oordt Willemien Menke van der Houven, Zacho Helle D., Cardoso Fatima, Fournier Laure, Van Duijnhoven Frederieke, Lecouvet Frédéric E. Aug 2023, In: The Lancet Oncology. 24 , p. e331-e343

Exploring contrast generalisation in deep learning-based brain MRI-to-CT synthesis

Nijskens Lotte, van den Berg Cornelis A T, Verhoeff Joost J C, Maspero Matteo 18 Jul 2023, In: Physica Medica. 112

Real-time myocardial landmark tracking for MRI-guided cardiac radio-ablation using Gaussian Processes

Huttinga Niek Ricardo Ferdinand, Akdag Osman, Fast Martin F, Verhoeff Joost J C, Mohamed Hoesein Firdaus A A, Van den Berg Cornelis A T, Sbrizzi Alessandro, Mandija Stefano 20 Jun 2023, In: Physics in medicine and biology. 68 14 p.

The impact of schizophrenia spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder on radiotherapy treatment and overall survival in cancer patients:A matched pair analysis

Peters Max, Boersma Hajo W., van Rossum Peter S.N., van Oort Jasper, Cahn Wiepke, Verhoeff Joost J.C. May 2023, In: Clinical and translational radiation oncology. 40 7 p.

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