prof. dr. R.C.H. (Roel) Vermeulen

prof. dr. R.C.H. (Roel) Vermeulen

Full Professor
prof. dr. R.C.H. (Roel) Vermeulen
  • Julius Center, dept. Global Public Health & Bioethics



Roel Vermeulen is Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposome Science at Utrecht University and the director of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) at Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht. He holds a professor position at the Julius Center, Department Public Health Healthcare Innovation and Medical Humanities (UMC Utrecht) and a Visiting Professorship at Imperial College London, UK.


Research focus: environmental risk assessment

His scientific research focuses on environmental risk factors for non-communicable diseases with a strong emphasis on integrating epidemiology, high quality exposure assessment, and molecular biology into multidisciplinary investigations.


One of his main research areas is the exploration of new methods for quantifying the external and internal exposome. The exposome concept refers to all environmental factors that we humans are exposed to on a daily basis: what we eat, the air we breathe, our social interactions and lifestyle choices such as smoking and exercising. Interacting with the genome, the exposome defines individual health at different stages throughout the life course, including foetal life. Researchers in the field of the exposome are trying to capture everything to understand which, how, in what quantities, and in what circumstances environmental drivers have an effect on our health. 

Research Output (78)

Occupational Exposure Assessment Tools in Europe:A Comprehensive Inventory Overview

Peters Susan, Vienneau Danielle, Sampri Alexia, Turner Michelle C., Castaño-Vinyals Gemma, Bugge Merete, Vermeulen Roel 22 Dec 2022, In: Annals of work exposures and health. 66 , p. 671-686 16 p.

Targeted proteomic scan identifies alteration of serum proteins among workers occupationally exposed to low levels of trichloroethylene

Hosgood H. Dean, Rahman Mohammad L., Blansky Deanna, Hu Wei, Davitt Meghan, Wen Cuiju, Huang Yongshun, Tang Xiaojiang, Li Laiyu, Smith Martyn T., Zhang Luoping, Vermeulen Roel, Rothman Nathaniel, Bassig Bryan A., Lan Qing Dec 2022, In: Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis. 63 , p. 423-428 6 p.

Hyperlocal variation of nitrogen dioxide, black carbon, and ultrafine particles measured with Google Street View cars in Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Kerckhoffs Jules, Khan Jibran, Hoek Gerard, Yuan Zhendong, Hertel Ole, Ketzel Matthias, Jensen Steen Solvang, Al Hasan Fares, Meliefste Kees, Vermeulen Roel Dec 2022, In: Environment International. 170

Associations between the urban exposome and type 2 diabetes:Results from penalised regression by least absolute shrinkage and selection operator and random forest models

Ohanyan Haykanush, Portengen Lützen, Kaplani Oriana, Huss Anke, Hoek Gerard, Beulens Joline W.J., Lakerveld Jeroen, Vermeulen Roel Dec 2022, In: Environment International. 170

Long term exposure to air pollution and kidney parenchyma cancer – Effects of low-level air pollution:a Study in Europe (ELAPSE)

Hvidtfeldt Ulla Arthur, Taj Tahir, Chen Jie, Rodopoulou Sophia, Strak Maciej, de Hoogh Kees, Andersen Zorana J., Bellander Tom, Brandt Jørgen, Fecht Daniela, Forastiere Francesco, Gulliver John, Hertel Ole, Hoffmann Barbara, Jørgensen Jeanette T., Katsouyanni Klea, Ketzel Matthias, Lager Anton, Leander Karin, Ljungman Petter, Magnusson Patrik K.E., Nagel Gabriele, Pershagen Göran, Rizzuto Debora, Samoli Evangelia, So Rina, Stafoggia Massimo, Tjønneland Anne, Vermeulen Roel, Weinmayr Gudrun, Wolf Kathrin, Zhang Jiawei, Zitt Emanuel, Brunekreef Bert, Hoek Gerard, Raaschou-Nielsen Ole Dec 2022, In: Environmental Research. 215

Overall and cause-specific mortality rates among men and women with high exposure to indoor air pollution from the use of smoky and smokeless coal:a cohort study in Xuanwei, China

Nagaradona Teja, Bassig Bryan A., Hosgood Dean, Vermeulen Roel C.H., Ning Bofu, Seow Wei Jie, Hu Wei, Portengen Lützen, Wong Jason, Shu Xiao Ou, Zheng Wei, Appel Nathan, Gao Yu Tang, Cai Qiu Yin, Yang Gong, Chen Ying, Downward George, Li Jihua, Yang Kaiyun, McCullough Lauren, Silverman Debra, Huang Yunchao, Lan Qing 15 Nov 2022, In: BMJ Open. 12

Long-term Traffic-related Air Pollutant Exposure and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Diagnosis in Denmark:A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis

Parks Robbie M., Nunez Yanelli, Balalian Arin A., Gibson Elizabeth A., Hansen Johnni, Raaschou-Nielsen Ole, Ketzel Matthias, Khan Jibran, Brandt Jørgen, Vermeulen Roel, Peters Susan, Goldsmith Jeff, Re Diane B., Weisskopf Marc G., Kioumourtzoglou Marianthi Anna 1 Nov 2022, In: Epidemiology. 33 , p. 757-766 10 p.

Ambient ultrafine particles and asthma onset until age 20:The PIAMA birth cohort

Yu Zhebin, Koppelman Gerard H., Boer Jolanda M.A., Hoek Gerard, Kerckhoffs Jules, Vonk Judith M., Vermeulen Roel, Gehring Ulrike Nov 2022, In: Environmental Research. 214

Common variability in oestrogen-related genes and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma risk in women

Peduzzi Giulia, Archibugi Livia, Katzke Verena, Gentiluomo Manuel, Capurso Gabriele, Milanetto Anna Caterina, Gazouli Maria, Goetz Mara, Brenner Hermann, Vermeulen Roel C.H., Talar-Wojnarowska Renata, Vanella Giuseppe, Tavano Francesca, Lucchesi Maurizio, Mohelnikova-Duchonova Beatrice, Chen Xuechen, Kiudelis Vytautas, Hegyi Péter, Oliverius Martin, Stocker Hannah, Stornello Caterina, Vodickova Ludmila, Souček Pavel, Neoptolemos John P., Testoni Sabrina Gloria Giulia, Morelli Luca, Lawlor Rita T., Basso Daniela, Izbicki Jakob R., Ermini Stefano, Kupcinskas Juozas, Pezzilli Raffaele, Boggi Ugo, van Laarhoven Hanneke W.M., Szentesi Andrea, Erőss Bálint, Capretti Giovanni, Schöttker Ben, Skieceviciene Jurgita, Aoki Mateus Nóbrega, van Eijck Casper H.J., Cavestro Giulia Martina, Canzian Federico, Campa Daniele 27 Oct 2022, In: Scientific Reports. 12

Exposure to diesel engine exhaust and alterations to the Cys34/Lys525 adductome of human serum albumin

Wong Jason Y.Y., Imani Partow, Grigoryan Hasmik, Bassig Bryan A., Dai Yufei, Hu Wei, Blechter Batel, Rahman Mohammad L., Ji Bu Tian, Duan Huawei, Niu Yong, Ye Meng, Jia Xiaowei, Meng Tao, Bin Ping, Downward George, Meliefste Kees, Leng Shuguang, Fu Wei, Yang Jufang, Ren Dianzhi, Xu Jun, Zhou Baosen, Hosgood H. Dean, Vermeulen Roel, Zheng Yuxin, Silverman Debra T., Rothman Nathaniel, Rappaport Stephen M., Lan Qing Oct 2022, In: Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. 95

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