dr. D.C. (Daniel) Vijlbrief

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. D.C. (Daniel) Vijlbrief
  • Birth Center Neonatology - Medical

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After finishing high school, Daniel Vijlbrief (1975) studied at Millersville University of Pennsylvania through the Fulbright scholarship program. Returning in the Netherlands, he studied Medicine at Utrecht University. He specialized in Pediatrics in Utrecht and Tilburg and continued in Neonatology in the Wilhelmina children’s hospital in Utrecht and the Isala clinics in Zwolle. He works as a consultant neonatologist in Utrecht. In 2015, he finished his Ph.D. in medicine with the title ‘Cardiac Biomarkers in neonatology’. Currently, he is investigating the possibilities of Big Data in neonatal medicine, in the Big Data for Small Babies project. First investigations are ongoing in the applied data analytic in medicine (ADAM) project. This project aims to build an early warning system and decision support tool for late-onset neonatal sepsis. Future research will be directed to bringing algorithms to clinical care in newborn medicine.   

Research Output (33)

Preclinical Detection of Non-catheter Related Late-onset Sepsis in Preterm Infants by Fecal Volatile Compounds Analysis:A Prospective, Multi-center Cohort Study

Berkhout Daniel J C, Niemarkt Hendrik J, Andriessen Peter, Vijlbrief Daniel C, Bomers Marije K, Cossey Veerle, Hulzebos Christian V, van Kaam Anton H, Kramer Boris W, van Lingen Richard A, Wicaksono Alfian N, Covington James A, van Weissenbruch Mirjam M, Benninga Marc A, de Boer Nanne K H, de Meij Tim G J 1 apr 2020, In: The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 39 , p. 330-335 6 p.

The development and validation of a cerebral ultrasound scoring system for infants with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy

Annink Kim V, de Vries Linda S, Groenendaal Floris, Vijlbrief Daniel C, Weeke Lauren C, Roehr Charles C, Lequin Maarten, Reiss Irwin K M, Govaert Paul, Benders Manon J N L, Dudink Jeroen mrt 2020, In: Pediatric Research. 87 , p. 59-66 8 p.

Self-service Data Science for Healthcare Professionals: A Data Preparation Approach

Vijlbrief D, Spruit Marco R, Deding Thomas 2020, In: HealthINF 2020. 5 , p. 724-734 10 p.

Dynamic prediction of bleeding risk in thrombocytopenic preterm neonates

Fustolo-Gunnink Susanna F, Fijnvandraat Karin, Putter Hein, Ree Isabelle M, Caram-Deelder Camila, Andriessen Peter, d'Haens Esther J, Hulzebos Christian V, Onland Wes, Kroon André A, Vijlbrief Daniël C, Lopriore Enrico, van der Bom Johanna G 28 feb 2019, In: Haematologica. 104 , p. 2300-2306 7 p.

Early treatment versus expectative management of patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants:A multicentre, randomised, non-inferiority trial in Europe (BeNeDuctus trial)

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Risk Factors for Necrotizing Enterocolitis:A Prospective Multicenter Case-Control Study

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Late-onset Sepsis in Preterm Infants Can Be Detected Preclinically by Fecal Volatile Organic Compound Analysis:A Prospective, Multicenter Cohort Study

Berkhout Daniel J C, van Keulen Britt J, Niemarkt Hendrik J, Bessem Jet R, de Boode Willem P, Cossey Veerle, Hoogenes Neil, Hulzebos Christiaan V, Klaver Ellen, Andriessen Peter, van Kaam Anton H, Kramer Boris W, van Lingen Richard A, Schouten Aaron, van Goudoever Johannes B, Vijlbrief Daniel C, van Weissenbruch Mirjam M, Wicaksono Alfian N, Covington James A, Benninga Marc A, de Boer Nanne K H, de Meij Tim G J 21 jun 2018, In: Clinical Infectious Diseases. 68 , p. 70-77 8 p.

Primary coronary stent implantation is a feasible bridging therapy to surgery in very low birth weight infants with critical aortic coarctation

Stegeman Raymond, Breur Johannes M.P.J., Heuser Jörg, Jansen Nicolaas J.G., de Vries Willem B., Vijlbrief Daniel C., Molenschot Mirella M.C., Haas Felix, Krings Gregor J. 15 jun 2018, In: International Journal of Cardiology. 261 , p. 62-65 4 p.

Effect of nifedipine and atosiban on perinatal brain injury:secondary analysis of the APOSTEL-III trial

Nijman T. A.J., Goedhart M. M., Naaktgeboren C. N., de Haan T. R., Vijlbrief D. C., Mol B. W., Benders M. J.N., Franx A., Oudijk M. A. 1 jun 2018, In: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 51 , p. 806-812 7 p.

NEOnatal Central-venous Line Observational study on Thrombosis (NEOCLOT):evaluation of a national guideline on management of neonatal catheter-related thrombosis

Sol Jeanine J, van de Loo Moniek, Boerma Marit, Bergman Klasien A, Donker Albertine E, van der Hoeven Mark A H B M, Hulzebos Christiaan V, Knol Ronny, Djien Liem K, van Lingen Richard A, Lopriore Enrico, Suijker Monique H, Vijlbrief Daniel C, Visser Remco, Veening Margreet A, van Weissenbruch Mirjam M, van Ommen C Heleen 23 feb 2018, In: BMC Pediatrics [E]. 18

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