dr. ir. K.L. (Koen) Vincken

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dr. ir. K.L. (Koen) Vincken
  • Image Sciences Institute

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Koen Vincken graduated in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology in 1989. In 1995 he received his PhD at the Utrecht University. The title of his thesis was "Probabilistic Multiscale Image Segmentation by the Hyperstack". He then continued working at the Image Sciences Institute (ISI), lead by prof. Max A. Viergever (Imaging Division) of the University Medical Center Utrecht

He is currently working as an Associate Professor at ISI. His main focus was software development for a.o. the dept. of radiology, neurology, orthopaedic, rheumatology and several external partners related to the ISI. In 2001 he was involved in the reconstruction of Trijntje, the oldest skull ever found in The Netherlands. He reconstructed the deformed skull on the computer, after which a hard copy of the skull (synthetic material) was obtained using stereolithography. The face of Trijntje could then be modeled by physical anthropologist Maja d'Hollosy and exhibited.

He was supervisor of several MSc and PhD students, as well as consultant for a few external projects. His main interests are medical image applications and quantitative image analysis.

He was project leader of the Brainbox project, that focused on the quantitative analysis of MR brain images for cerebrovascular disease and the translation from research to industry.

His main interest is currently the development of a new digital tool (VQuest) for educational testing with volumetric (3D) images. VQuest is currently extended as a tool foor eTesting, eLearning and eTeaching. Co-developers are Christian Mol (Imaging Division of the UMC Utrecht) and Cécile Ravesloot (Radboud UMC, Nijmegen). VQuest is currently the application used for all radiological assessments in the UMC Utrecht for different levels of expertise (2nd year med students, radiology residents), and used in many other institutes (national and international).

Koen Vincken is married and has three children, two boys (Jelle, 1995 and Hidde, 2000) and a girl (Jente, 1998).

Side Activities

Sinds 2014 zijn er neveninkomsten vanuit VQuest volgens de uitvindersregeling (besluit RvB 18 jan 2011).

Research Output (167)

Heat Map Analysis in Radiological Image Interpretation:An Exploration of Its Usefulness for Feedback About Image Interpretation Skills in Learners

Rutgers D. R., van der Gijp A., Vincken K. L., Mol C. P., van der Schaaf M. F., Cate Th J.ten 2020, In: Academic Radiology. 28 , p. 414-423 10 p.

CT-based study of vertebral and intravertebral rotation in right thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Brink Rob C., Homans Jelle F., Schlösser Tom P.C., van Stralen Marijn, Vincken Koen L., Shi Lin, Chu Winnie C.W., Viergever Max A., Castelein René M., Cheng Jack C.Y. 1 dec 2019, In: European Spine Journal. 28 , p. 3044-3052 9 p.

The X-games. Improving students' motivaiton and learning in radiology education by serious gaming. Short Communication. AMEE conference 26-28 Aug, Vienna

van der Schaaf Marieke, Huige Josephine, Heste, van S. , Vincken Koen, van der Gijp Anouk 26 aug 2019,

Anterior-posterior length discrepancy of the spinal column in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis—a 3D CT study

Brink Rob C., Schlösser Tom P.C., van Stralen Marijn, Vincken Koen L., Kruyt Moyo C., Hui Steve C.N., Viergever Max A., Chu Winnie C.W., Cheng Jack C.Y., Castelein René M. 1 dec 2018, In: Spine Journal. 18 , p. 2259-2265 7 p.

Volumetric image interpretation in radiology:scroll behavior and cognitive processes

Den Boer Larissa, van der Schaaf Marieke F., Vincken Koen L., Mol Chris P., Stuijfzand Bobby G., van der Gijp Anouk okt 2018, In: Advances in Health Sciences Education. 23 , p. 783-802 20 p.

Cartilage Quality (dGEMRIC Index) Following Knee Joint Distraction or High Tibial Osteotomy

Besselink Nick J, Vincken Koen L, Bartels L Wilbert, van Heerwaarden Ronald J, Concepcion Arno N, Marijnissen Anne C A, Spruijt Sander, Custers Roel J H, van der Woude Jan-Ton A D, Wiegant Karen, Welsing Paco M J, Mastbergen Simon C, Lafeber Floris P J G 1 jun 2018, In: Cartilage. 11 , p. 19-31 13 p.

White matter hyperintensity shape and location feature analysis on brain MRI; Proof of principle study in patients with diabetes

De Bresser Jeroen, Kuijf Hugo J., Zaanen Karlijn, Viergever Max A., Hendrikse Jeroen, Biessels Geert Jan, Van Den Berg E., Bouvy W., Brundel M., Heringa S., Kappelle L. J., Leemans A., Luijten P. R., Mali W. P.T.M., Rutten G. E.H.M., Vincken K. L., Zwanenburg J., 30 jan 2018, In: Scientific Reports. 8

What is the Actual 3D Representation of the Rib Vertebra Angle Difference (Mehta Angle)?

Brink Rob C, Schlösser Tom P C, van Stralen Marijn, Vincken Koen L, Kruyt Moyo C, Chu Winnie C W, Cheng Jack C Y, Castelein RM 2018, In: Spine. 43 , p. E92-E97

Identifying error types in visual diagnostic skill assessment

Ravesloot Cécile J, van der Gijp Anouk, van der Schaaf Marieke F, Huige Josephine C B M, Ten Cate Olle, Vincken Koen L, Mol Christian P, van Schaik Jan P J 27 jun 2017, In: Diagnosis (Berlin, Germany). 4 , p. 93-99 7 p.

Anterior Spinal Overgrowth is the Result of the Scoliotic Mechanism and is Located in the Disc

Brink Rob C, Schlösser Tom P C, Colo Dino, Vavruch Ludvig, van Stralen Marijn , Vincken Koen L , Malmqvist Marcus, Kruyt Moyo C, Tropp Hans, Castelein RM 1 jun 2017, In: Spine. 42 , p. 818-822

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