prof. dr. ir. H.H. (Harrie) Weinans

prof. dr. ir. H.H. (Harrie) Weinans

Associate Professor
prof. dr. ir. H.H. (Harrie) Weinans



Our stiff bones are held together by ligaments and tendons and carry the weight and transfer the large forces that are required for locomotion. Without these load bearing mechanical tissues we would look like a gelatin pudding. With aging or after trauma the delicate internal architecture of these connective tissues gets lost, which can result in e.g. cartilage damage and subsequent deterioration (osteoarthritis), loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) problematic healing of fractures or tendons. Bone and cartilage are load bearing structures and degeneration and regeneration in these tissues are continuously influenced by and adapted to the biomechanical demands. The major goal of my research is to investigate the degenerative processes in the skeletal structures and find methods to counterbalance this degeneration or even induce appropriate regeneration after the tissue is already diminished.

Harrie Weinans is minority shareholder of Uplanner BV and Replasia BV

Research Output (235)

Development and validation of a machine learning-supported strategy of patient selection for osteoarthritis clinical trials:the IMI-APPROACH study

Widera Paweł, Welsing Paco M.J., Danso Samuel O., Peelen Sjaak, Kloppenburg Margreet, Loef Marieke, Marijnissen Anne C., van Helvoort Eefje M., Blanco Francisco J., Magalhães Joana, Berenbaum Francis, Haugen Ida K., Bay-Jensen Anne Christine, Mobasheri Ali, Ladel Christoph, Loughlin John, Lafeber Floris P.J.G., Lalande Agnès, Larkin Jonathan, Weinans Harrie, Bacardit Jaume Dec 2023, In: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Open. 5

Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells-derived extracellular vesicles as a potentially more beneficial therapeutic strategy than MSC-based treatment in a mild metabolic osteoarthritis model

Warmink Kelly, Rios Jaqueline L., Varderidou-Minasian Suzy, Torres-Torrillas Marta, van Valkengoed Devin R., Versteeg Sabine, Eijkelkamp Niels, Weinans Harrie, Korthagen Nicoline M., Lorenowicz Magdalena J. Dec 2023, In: Stem Cell Research and Therapy. 14

3D printed and punched porous surfaces of a non-resorbable, biphasic implant for the repair of osteochondral lesions improves repair tissue adherence and ingrowth

Fugazzola Maria C., Golafshan Nasim, van Aken Joris A., Plomp Saskia, De Grauw Janny, van Buul Ward, Hermsen Gied, Weinans Harrie, Castilho Miguel, van Weeren René, Malda Jos Nov 2023, In: Pferdeheilkunde. 39 , p. 504-514 11 p.

Microencapsulated stem cells reduce cartilage damage in a material dependent manner following minimally invasive intra-articular injection in an OA rat model

Johnbosco Castro, Karbaat Lisanne, Korthagen Nicoline M, Warmink Kelly, Koerselman Michelle, Coeleveld Katja, Becker Malin, van Loo Bas, Zoetebier Bram, Both Sanne, Weinans Harrie, Karperien Marcel, Leijten Jeroen Oct 2023, In: Materials Today Bio. 22 12 p.

Evaluation of silver bio-functionality in a multicellular in vitro model:towards reduced animal usage in implant-associated infection research

Cecotto Leonardo, Stapels Daphne A.C., van Kessel Kok P.M., Croes Michiel, Lourens Zeldali, Vogely H. Charles, van der Wal Bart C.H., van Strijp Jos A.G., Weinans Harrie, Amin Yavari Saber 5 Jun 2023, In: Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology. 13 , p. 1-13 13 p.

Automatic Assessment of Lower-Limb Alignment from Computed Tomography

Kuiper Ruurd J A, Seevinck Peter R, Viergever Max A, Weinans Harrie, Sakkers Ralph J B 3 May 2023, In: The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume. 105 , p. 700-712 13 p.

Acetabular rim extension using a personalized titanium implant for treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs:short-term results

Kwananocha Irin, Magré Joëll, Willemsen Koen, Weinans Harrie, Sakkers Ralph J.B., How Thijs, Verseijden Femke, Tryfonidou Marianna A., van der Wal Bart C.H., Meij Björn P. 20 Apr 2023, In: Frontiers in veterinary science. 10 , p. 1-12 12 p.

Macrophage-Driven Inflammation in Metabolic Osteoarthritis:Implications for Biomarker and Therapy Development

Warmink Kelly, Vinod Prateeksha, Korthagen Nicoline M., Weinans Harrie, Rios Jaqueline L. Apr 2023, In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 24 18 p.

Evaluating the Targeting of a Staphylococcus-aureus-Infected Implant with a Radiolabeled Antibody In Vivo

van Dijk Bruce, Hooning van Duyvenbode J. Fred F., de Vor Lisanne, Nurmohamed F. Ruben H.A., Lam Marnix G.E.H., Poot Alex J., Ramakers Ruud M., Koustoulidou Sofia, Beekman Freek J., van Strijp Jos, Rooijakkers Suzan H.M., Dadachova Ekaterina, Vogely H. Charles, Weinans Harrie, van der Wal Bart C.H. Mar 2023, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 24 , p. 1-9 9 p.

Quantitative CT of the knee in the IMI-APPROACH osteoarthritis cohort:Association of bone mineral density with radiographic disease severity, meniscal coverage and meniscal extrusion

Heiss Rafael, Laredo Jean-Denis, Wirth Wolfgang, Jansen Mylène P, Marijnissen Anne C A, Lafeber Floris, Lalande Agnes, Weinans Harrie H, Blanco Francisco J, Berenbaum Francis, Kloppenburg Margreet, Haugen Ida K, Engelke Klaus, Roemer Frank W 7 Jan 2023, In: Bone. 168 10 p.

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