prof. dr. ir. H.H. (Harrie) Weinans

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prof. dr. ir. H.H. (Harrie) Weinans


Our stiff bones are held together by ligaments and tendons and carry the weight and transfer the large forces that are required for locomotion. Without these load bearing mechanical tissues we would look like a gelatin pudding. With aging or after trauma the delicate internal architecture of these connective tissues gets lost, which can result in e.g. cartilage damage and subsequent deterioration (osteoarthritis), loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) problematic healing of fractures or tendons. Bone and cartilage are load bearing structures and degeneration and regeneration in these tissues are continuously influenced by and adapted to the biomechanical demands. The major goal of my research is to investigate the degenerative processes in the skeletal structures and find methods to counterbalance this degeneration or even induce appropriate regeneration after the tissue is already diminished.


Research Output (157)

Deep learning-based MR-to-CT synthesis:The influence of varying gradient echo-based MR images as input channels

Florkow Mateusz C, Zijlstra Frank, Willemsen Koen, Maspero Matteo, van den Berg Cornelis A T, Kerkmeijer Linda G W, Castelein René M, Weinans Harrie, Viergever Max A, van Stralen Marijn, Seevinck Peter R apr 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 83 , p. 1429-1441 13 p.

Effect of unfocused extracorporeal shockwave therapy on bone mineral content of twelve distal forearms of postmenopausal women:a clinical pilot study

Koolen Marianne K.E., Kruyt Moyo C., Öner Fetullah C., Schaden Wolfgang, Weinans Harrie, van der Jagt Olav P. 1 dec 2019, In: ARCHIVES OF OSTEOPOROSIS. 14 7 p.

An automated workflow based on hip shape improves personalized risk prediction for hip osteoarthritis in the CHECK study

Gielis W P, Weinans H, Welsing P M J, van Spil W E, Agricola R, Cootes T F, de Jong P A, Lindner C 8 okt 2019, In: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 28 , p. 62-70 9 p.

Contrast enhanced computed tomography for real-time quantification of glycosaminoglycans in cartilage tissue engineered constructs

Garcia João P, Longoni Alessia, Gawlitta Debby, J W P Rosenberg Antoine, Grinstaff Mark W, Töyräs Juha, Weinans Harrie, Creemers Laura B, Pouran Behdad 30 sep 2019, In: Acta Biomaterialia. 100 , p. 202-212 11 p.

Complete regeneration of large bone defects in rats with commercially available fibrin loaded with BMP-2

Koolen M, Longoni A, van der Stok J, Van der Jagt O, Gawlitta D, Weinans H 17 sep 2019, In: European Cells & Materials. 38 , p. 94-105 12 p.

Radical-functionalized plasma polymers:Stable biomimetic interfaces for bone implant applications

Akhavan Behnam, Croes Michiel, Wise Steven G., Zhai Chongpu, Hung Juichien, Stewart Callum, Ionescu Mihail, Weinans Harrie, Gan Yixiang, Amin Yavari S., Bilek Marcela M.M. 1 sep 2019, In: Applied Materials Today. 16 , p. 456-473 18 p.

Local controlled release of corticosteroids extends surgically induced joint instability by inhibiting tissue healing

Rudnik-Jansen Imke, Tellegen Anna R, Pouran Behdad, Schrijver Karin, Meij Björn P, Emans Pieter J, de Gendt Erin, Thomas Rachel E, Kik Marja J L, de Visser Huub M, Weinans Harrie, Egas Annelies, van Maarseveen Erik, Woike Nina, Mihov George, Thies Jens, Tryfonidou Marianna A, Creemers Laura B 5 aug 2019, In: British Journal of Pharmacology. 176 , p. 4050-4064 15 p.

Challenges in the design and regulatory approval of 3D-printed surgical implants:a two-case series

Willemsen Koen, Nizak Razmara, Noordmans Herke Jan, Castelein René M., Weinans Harrie, Kruyt Moyo C. 1 aug 2019, In: The Lancet Digital Health. 1 , p. e163-e171

Effects of body mass on microstructural features of the osteochondral unit:A comparative analysis of 37 mammalian species

Mancini I A D, Rieppo L, Pouran B, Afara I O, Braganca F M Serra, van Rijen M H P, Kik M, Weinans H, Toyras J, van Weeren P R, Malda J 3 jul 2019, In: Bone. 127 , p. 664-673 10 p.

Mogelijkheden van 3D-printen in de geneeskunde:5 jaar later

Visser Jetze, Melchels Ferry P W, Weinans Harrie, Kruyt Moyo C, Malda Jos 5 jun 2019, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 163

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