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How do medical students prepare for flipped classrooms?

Bouwmeester RAM, de Kleijn R.A.M., ten Cate TJ, van Rijen HVM, Westerveld HE mrt 2016, In: Medical Science Educator. 26 , p. 53-60 8 p.

Age-related differences in abdominal fat distribution in premenopausal and postmenopausal women with cardiovascular disease

van der Leeuw J., Wassink A.M.J., van der Graaf Y., Westerveld H.E., Visseren F.L.J., , Algra A., Grobbee D.E., Rutten G.E.H.M., Moll F.L., Kappelle L.J., Mali W.P.T.M., Doevendans P.A. apr 2013, In: Menopause. 20 , p. 409-417 9 p.

Cardiovascular and metabolic characteristics of Chinese women with PCOS. Cross sectional analysis.

Guo Meng, Chen Z., Macklon N.S., Shi Y., Westerveld H.E., Eijkemans M.J.C., Fauser B.C.J.M., Goverde A.J. 2010, In: Reproductive Biomedicine Online. 21 , p. 572-580 8 p.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and early-onset preeclampsia: reproductive manifestations of increased cardiovascular risk.

Verhulst S.M., van Rijn B.B., Westerveld H.E., Franx A., Bruinse H.W., Fauser B.C.J.M., Goverde A.J. 2010, In: Menopause. 17 , p. 990-996 7 p.

Indicators for metabolic disturbances in anovulatory women with polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosed according to the Rotterdam consensus criteria

Goverde A. J., Van Koert A. J.B., Eijkemans M. J., Knauff E. A.H., Westerveld H. E., Fauser B. C.J.M., Broekmans F. J. 1 jan 2009, In: Human Reproduction. 24 , p. 710-717 8 p.

indicators for metabolic disturbances in PCOS diagnosed according to the Rotterdam consensus criteria.

Goverde A.J., van Koert A.J., Eijkemans M.J., Knauff A.H., Westerveld H.E., Fauser B.C.J.M., Broekmans F.J.M. 2009, In: Human Reproduction. 24 , p. 710-717 7 p.

Lipid profile of women with premature ovarian failure.

Knauff A.H., Westerveld H.E., Goverde A.J., Eijkemans M.J., Valkenburg O., van Santbrink E.J., Fauser B.C.J.M., van der Schouw Y.T. 2008, In: Menopause. 15 , p. 919-923 5 p.

Cardiometabolioc abnormalities in the polycystic ovary syndrome: Pharmacotherapeutic insights.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome as a developmental disorder.

Goverde A.J., Westerveld H.E., Verhulst S.M., Fauser B.C.J.M. 2008, In: Expert Review of Obstretrics and Gynecology. 3 , p. 775-787 12 p.

Kenmerkende aspecten van hart- en vaatziekten bij vrouwen

Westerveld H.E., Sluman M.A., Goverde A.J., Cramer M.J.M. 2008, In: Modern Medicine. 32 , p. 87-89 3 p.

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