dr. ir. H.L.D.M. (Hanneke L.D.M.) Willemen

Assistant Professor

  • Laboratory for Translational Immunology (LTI)

dr. ir. H.L.D.M. (Hanneke L.D.M.) Willemen

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Hanneke Willemen was born on March 21th, 1982. She studied Biotechnology at Wageningen University and in 2006 she received her Master’s degree with specialization cellular/molecular research.  In 2006 she started working as a research technician at the Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Developmental Origins of Disease (NIDOD). In 2008 she started her PhD-project in the NIDOD-lab to studyneurobiological mechanisms underlying the transition from acute to chronic inflammation-induced pain under supervision of Professor Heijnen, Professor Kavelaars and Dr. Eijkelkamp.In 2013 this work resulted in her PhD thesis: “Chronic inflammatory pain: New molecules & mechanisms”. After completing her PhD she continued her research as a postdoc in the NIDOD-lab under supervision of Dr. Eijkelkamp. She investigated the genetic contribution to chronic pain and identified an unidentified protein which has a key role to promote the development of chronic pain. In search for the molecular function of this protein she recently worked in the lab of Professor Falnes, Oslo University (Norway) for 3 months.

Side Activities

  • None

Fellowship and Awards

  • EMBO short-term fellowship (2014)

    Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (2013)

Research Output (35)

Human FAM173A is a mitochondrial lysine-specific methyltransferase that targets adenine nucleotide translocase and affects mitochondrial respiration

Małecki Jędrzej, Willemen Hanneke L D M, Pinto Rita, Ho Angela Y Y, Moen Anders, Eijkelkamp Niels, Falnes Pål Ø 18 jun 2019, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 294 , p. 11654-11664 11 p.

Sensory signaling pathways in inflammatory and neuropathic pain

Willemen Hanneke L.D.M., Eijkelkamp Niels 2019,

Lysine methylation by the mitochondrial methyltransferase FAM173B optimizes the function of mitochondrial ATP synthase

Małecki Je drzej M., Willemen Hanneke L.D.M., Pinto Rita, Ho Angela Y.Y., Moen Anders, Kjønstad Ingrid F., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Zwartkruis Fried, Eijkelkamp Niels, Falnes Pål 10 dec 2018, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 294 , p. 1128-1141 14 p.

Divergent roles of immune cells and their mediators in pain

Raoof Ramin, Willemen Hanneke L.D.M., Eijkelkamp Niels 1 mrt 2018, In: Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 57 , p. 429-440 12 p.

Identification of FAM173B as a protein methyltransferase promoting chronic pain

Willemen Hanneke L.D.M., Kavelaars Annemieke, Prado Judith, Maas Mirjam, Versteeg Sabine, Nellissen Lara J.J., Tromp Jeshua, Gonzalez Cano Rafael, Zhou Wenjun, Jakobsson Magnus E., Małecki Jędrzej, Posthuma George, Habib Abdella M., Heijnen Cobi J., Falnes Pål, Eijkelkamp Niels 14 feb 2018, In: PLoS Biology. 16

The neuronal mitochondrial methyltransferase FAM173B promotes glia activation and persistent pain

Willemen HLDM 2017,

Congres over mechanismes en behandelingen van pijn

Willemen HLDM sep 2016, In: Patientenvereniging CRPS.

IL4-10 fusion protein is a Novel drug to Treat persistent inflammatory pain

Eijkelkamp Niels, Steen-Louws Cristine, Hartgring Sarita A Y, Willemen Hanneke L D M, Prado Judith, Lafeber Floris P J G, Heijnen Cobi J., Hack C. E., van Roon Joel A G, Kavelaars Annemieke 13 jul 2016, In: Journal of Neuroscience. 36 , p. 7353-7363 11 p.

Chronic Pain: Mechanisms and putative novel treatments

Willemen HLDM 16 jun 2016,

Reversal of diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance by inducible genetic ablation of GRK2

Vila-Bedmar Rocio, Cruces-Sande Marta, Lucas Elisa, Willemen Hanneke L D M, Heijnen Cobi J, Kavelaars Annemieke, Mayor Federico, Murga Cristina 21 jul 2015, In: Science Signaling [E]. 8 , p. ra73 11 p.

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