dr. G.J.M. (Maeike) Zijlmans

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Research Output (85)

The topographical distribution of epileptic spikes in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy with and without photosensitivity

Bauer P. R., Gorgels K., Spetgens W., van Klink N. E C, Leijten F. S S, Sander J. W., Visser G.H., Zijlmans M. 1 jan 2017, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 128 , p. 176-182 7 p.

Non-harmonicity in high-frequency components of the intra-operative corticogram to delineate epileptogenic tissue during surgery

Geertsema Evelien E, van 't Klooster Maryse A, van Klink Nicole E C, Leijten Frans S S, van Rijen Peter C, Visser Gerhard H, Kalitzin Stiliyan N, Zijlmans Maeike jan 2017, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 128 , p. 153-164 12 p.

Automatic detection and visualisation of MEG ripple oscillations in epilepsy

van Klink Nicole, van Rosmalen Frank, Nenonen Jukka, Burnos Sergey, Helle Liisa, Taulu Samu, Furlong Paul Lawrence, Zijlmans Maeike, Hillebrand Arjan 2017, In: Neuroimage: Clinical [E]. 15 , p. 689-701 13 p.

Evoked versus spontaneous high frequency oscillations in the chronic electrocorticogram in focal epilepsy

van 't Klooster M. A., van Klink N. E C, van Blooijs D., Ferrier C. H., Braun K. P J, Leijten F. S S, Huiskamp G. J M, Zijlmans M. 2017, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 128 , p. 858-866 9 p.

Tailoring epilepsy surgery with fast ripples in the intraoperative electrocorticogram

van 't Klooster M A, van Klink N E C, Zweiphenning W J E M, Leijten F S S, Zelmann R, Ferrier C H, van Rijen P C, Otte W M, Braun K P J, Huiskamp G J M, Zijlmans M 2017, In: Annals of Neurology. 81 , p. 664-676

Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Advances in Electrocorticography

Ritaccio Anthony L., Williams Justin, Denison Tim, Foster Brett L., Starr Philip A., Gunduz Aysegul, Zijlmans Maeike, Schalk Gerwin 1 nov 2016, In: Epilepsy & Behavior. 64 , p. 248-252 5 p.

Spontaneous ripples in the hippocampus correlate with epileptogenicity and not memory function in patients with refractory epilepsy

Jacobs Julia, Banks Sarah, Zelmann Rina, Zijlmans Maeike, Jones-Gotman Marilyn, Gotman Jean 1 sep 2016, In: Epilepsy & Behavior. 62 , p. 258-266 9 p.

Brain areas with epileptic high frequency oscillations are functionally isolated in MEG virtual electrode networks

Nissen Ida A., van Klink Nicole E C , Zijlmans Maeike, Stam Cornelis J., Hillebrand Arjan 1 jul 2016, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 127 , p. 2581-2591 11 p.

Ripples on rolandic spikes:A marker of epilepsy severity

van Klink Nicole E C, van 't Klooster Maryse A., Leijten Frans S S, Jacobs Julia, Braun Kees P J, Zijlmans Maeike jul 2016, In: Epilepsia. 57 , p. 1179-1189 11 p.

Automatic detection of high frequency oscillations during epilepsy surgery predicts seizure outcome

Fedele Tommaso, van 't Klooster Maryse, Burnos Sergey, Zweiphenning Willemiek, van Klink Nicole, Leijten Frans, Zijlmans Maeike, Sarnthein Johannes 18 jun 2016, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 127 , p. 3066-3074 9 p.