Image science & image guided interventions

Image science & image guided interventions

Research theme

OBJECTIVES of the theme Image guided science and image guided interventions is to offer cancer patients a personalized treatment strategy resulting in improvement of the quality of life during and after cancer treatment. This will be done by image-guided technologies with more efficient treatment planning, better precision (less harm of health tissue) and more effective treatment protocols. New innovations will be developed, implemented and disseminated by co-creation, active collaboration with public and private stakeholders. 

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The UMC Utrecht has the ambition to create centers of excellence in the following three main focus areas.

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  • UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences >

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  • Dr. ir. Wilbert Bartels, image sciences >
  • Prof. dr. ir. Nico van den Berg, computational imaging >
  • Prof. dr. Inne Borel Rinkes, surgeon > >
  • Dr. Clemens Bos >
  • Prof. dr. Remco de Bree, Dpt. Head and Neck Surgical Oncology > >
  • Dr. Martin Fast >
  • Dr. Jeroen Hagendoorn, HPB surgeon > >
  • Prof. dr. Richard van Hillegersberg, surgeon > >
  • Prof. dr. Saskia Imhof, ophthalmologist > >
  • Dr. Martijn Intven, radiation oncologist > >
  • Dr. Geert Janssens, pediatric radiation oncologist > >
  • Prof. dr. ir. Hugo de Jong >
  • Dr. Bart de Keizer, nuclear medicine physician and radiologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Dennis Klomp >
  • Prof. dr. ir. Jan Lagendijk >
  • Prof. dr. Marnix Lam, nuclear medicine physician > >
  • Prof. dr. Peter Luijten >
  • Prof. dr. Gert Meijer, medical physicist >
  • Dr. Richard Meijer, urologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Quintus Molenaar, HPB surgeon > >
  • Dr. Leon Moons, gastro-enterologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Chrit Moonen >
  • Dr. ir. Marielle Philippens >
  • Prof dr. Josien Pluim, computer scientist >
  • Dr. Alex Poot, radiopharmaceutical scientist >
  • Dr. Giorgio Porro, ophthalmologist > >
  • Dr. Niels Raaijmakers >
  • Prof. dr. Bas Raaymakers >
  • Prof. dr. Pierre Robe, neurosurgeon > >
  • Prof. dr. Jelle Ruurda, surgeon > >
  • Dr. Alessandro Sbrizzi, computational imaging >
  • Dr. Henk Schreuder, gynecologist > >
  • Dr. ir. Peter Seevinck >
  • Dr. ir. Chantal Tax >
  • Prof. dr. Chris Terhaard >
  • Dr. Joost Verhoeff, radiation oncologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Lenny Verkooijen >
  • Prof. dr. Jorrit-Jan Verlaan, orthopedic surgeon > >
  • Prof. dr. ir. Max Viergever >
  • Prof. dr. Frank Vleggaar, hepatogastroenterologist > >
  • Dr. Jochem van der Voort van Zyp, radiation oncologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Menno Vriens, surgeon > >
  • Dr. Arjen Witkamp, surgeon > >
  • Prof. dr. Ronald Zweemer > >

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