Teacher training for students

We provide education and training in teaching skills to students. As physicians after graduation are often involved in education of new generations of medical students and also of patients, all medical students at UMC Utrecht receive a one-week teacher training and are offered the option of an elective 6-week Student Teaching Rotation.

One-week teacher training

In the final year of the Master’s of Medicine Program, all students attend a week of compulsory educational training.

The training consists of preparing and providing a Case-Based clinical reasoning session to second-year Bachelor students; feedback training; training in One-Minute Preceptor skills for junior medical students; conducting a Short Practice Observation; presentation skills; and literature study for a presentation.

Student teaching rotation

Every year, 30 to 35 students who are in the final year of the Master’s of Medicine Program follow a six-week Student Teaching Rotation receive a Student Teaching Qualification (StOK).

The rotation includes providing at least 30 hours of teaching to first and second-year medical students or students who attend other healthcare courses, carrying out an educational project aimed at improving education, a brief literature study, peer review and supervision using video recordings, constructing test questions and other components.

Student research term in medical education

We offer opportunities to medical students and educational sciences students for research terms of 12 weeks in health professions education.


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