The LTI core facilities
The LTI core facilities

The LTI imaging core facility consists of a Zeiss LSM confocal microscope equipped for live cell imaging, and a BD Pathway 855 for automated high throughput imaging. The core facility additionally serves as knowledge center, coordinating an LTI-wide key-user group that meets monthly.

Please contact Lieneke Jongeneel (senior technician) by mail or 
call + 31 88 75 542 77

Flow Cytometry
The facility gives access to calibrated equipment and assistance in performing cell analysis and cell separations, provides education on all aspects of flow cytometry and is involved in the identification and implementation of new flow cytometry opportunities.

Please contact Andries Bloem (head) by mail or Jeroen van Velzen (manager) by mail.

Antibody Facility UMAB
Monoclonal antibodies are important tools for research, diagnostics and therapeutics. This very efficient cellular immunization method results in antibodies against difficult membrane proteins, such as multispanning membrane proteins, conformational epitopes and we can generate agonistic and antagonistic MABs.

Please contact Petra Moerer by mail or call +31 88 75 571 34.



This core facility brings together researchers in Immunology whose research has a strong bioinformatic, statistical or computational component. We aim to facilitate interaction between these researchers and  to provide support for researchers and clinicians in need of bioinformatic, statistical or computational expertise. The available expertise ranges from biostatistics to T-cell epitope prediction, analysis of 2pm cellular migration data, repertoire analysis, interpretation of -omics data and quantification of leukocyte dynamics.

Please contact Julia Drylewicz or José Borghans.

We facilitate and support protein work within the LTI. We consult on DNA plasmid design, PCR and cloning, recombinant protein expression and purification, protein analysis, and gel-based proteomics. We check latest developments in protein technology, and we develop and implement novel methods.

Please contact Dr. N. Bovenschen (Head) by mail or call + 31 88 75 538 89
Drs. J. Meeldijk (Chief Technician) by mail or call + 31 88 75 506 61/14 69

The MultiPlex Core Facility  is state-of-the-art and offers multiple immune-assays based on color-coded microspheres (xMAP technology). It  measures over 160 immune related mediators using less than 200 µl  sample volume. The assays are sensitive, precise, optimized and validated and are setup in a flexible and open-architecture infrastructure which allows rapid measurements of any customized combination.

Please contact Wilco de Jager or Mariëlle Tempelman by mail or call  +31 (0)88 75 555 55 or +31 (0)6 5012 4915


Animal Core Facility
The Animal Core Facility provides information on mouse models, strains and expertise present wihtin the LTI and can guide you trough the paperwork to start animal experiments. The two photon microscope of the LTI, which is equipped to perform in vivo imaging, is managed by the facility.

Please contact Kiki Tesselaar (Head) or Marco Janssen (Technician) by mail or call +31 (0)88 75 53945