Emergency and notifications classrooms

As a teacher or trainer you make use of modern educational facilities, technology and classrooms in the HvdB building. If you encounter any problems, please read instructions below.

Audio and visual resources

Doesn’t the beamer work or isn’t the sound like it should be? For audio and visual resources please contact the Amanuensis,

+31 (0)88 755 66 55



Aren’t the computers working properly? For ICT business please contact the ICT Service Desk,

+31 (0)88 755 34 18

Furniture and education areas

If you encounter problems in the classrooms in the Hijmans van den Bergh building, for example problems with the furniture, broken windows or non-functioning heating, please contact

+31 (0)88 756 49 99


Course schedules

Do you find yourself in the wrong classrooms or faced with the wrong studentgroup?

Please contact

+31 (0)88 755 08 69

Markers and flip-overs

Do you need markers of is the flip-over missing?

Please contact the Amanuensis,

+31 (0)88 755 66 55