Information material for school visits

Secondary schools occasionally approach students who attend courses provided by the Education Center as well as staff members of the UMC Utrecht to inform their students. Information material on all our (bio) medical courses is specifically designed for education at secondary schools and is available for this purpose.

Information questions

The following questions could be asked during the information sessions. What is it like to study medicine? What are the requirements for studying to become a Surgical Assistant? What Biomedical Sciences master's programs are there? What is Speech Science?

Information material

The Education Center’s Communications team produces flyers on the bachelor’s and master’s programs and courses at the UMC Utrecht Academy for this target group. Information about the drawing of lots and selections for the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences programs is also available.


To obtain these flyers and information, please contact the Communications team.

+31 (0)88 755 34 55

The Communications team is located in the Hijmans van den Bergh building, 5th floor, room 4.69 HB.