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Elevate - online academy

Elevate is an online academy offering online courses in medical (research) science, veterinary science and global health. We work closely together with our partners and aim to provide better access to education in health care worldwide.

About us

Elevate aims to increase knowledge and understanding of health sciences among professionals. In doing so, we hope to improve overall wellbeing and reduce the differences in standards of medical care between countries.


We offer a comprehensive range of courses, which can be studied exclusively online, or as part of a blended plan that features face-to-face sessions in addition to distance learning. However you choose to study, you do so at your own pace and convenience, wherever you are in the world -- all you need is an Internet connection.

Interactive portal

Elevate offers more than online information; it is an interactive portal that enables health professionals globally to share knowledge, explore ideas and analyse new science. This means that at the end of your course, you’ll not only have an internationally recognised diploma, but also a network of peers that you can call on as you develop professionally.


Elevate was founded within the UMC Utrecht Julius Center and connects partner institutes such as the UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Royal Tropical Institute, Utrecht Life Sciences, Wageningen University and the University of Bergen.

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