MRI in Radiotherapy course

for radiation oncologists, RTTs, medical physicists

MRI in radiotherapy is a growing field due to the introduction of MRI in the simulation phase for conventional treatments and MRI guided treatment delivery on MR-Linacs. Many departments of radiotherapy are currently introducing or extending the use of MRI for delineation of target volumes and organs at risk. Additionally, treatment monitoring during or after radiotherapy is emerging. For the implementation process, understanding of MR physics is useful and practical.

MRI in Radiotherapy for radiation oncologists, medical physicists and RTTs

Course content

In radiotherapy the use of MRI is increasing and MR guided treatments are emerging. Due to this trend in radiation oncology it has become necessary to learn about implementation, interpretation and workflow of MRI in radiotherapy for simulation.

This international course is intended for radiation oncologists, radiologists, residents, medical physicists, and radiation therapists who want to learn about the application of MRI, specifically for radiotherapy. The course will cover lectures on: theoretical background on how MRI images are acquired (basic MRI physics), some challenges in implementing it (quality assurance, safety and integration in clinical workflow) and will highlight a wide range of clinical applications in various tumor sites.

Besides the lectures, there will be optional practical sessions:
  • Delineation sessions where you can experience working with multimodal images (prostate and head-and-neck) to delineate tumors and organs at risk. The sessions will be introduced by a brief overview of the MRI protocols and the ways these are interpreted by a radiation oncologist. You have the opportunity to discuss what you see and how to interpret it with our specialized radiation oncologists and RTTs. These sessions will take place during the afternoons of day 1 (prostate) and day 2 (head-and-neck). You optionally register for one or both sessions.  
  • MRI protocol training. During this session (1.5 days) you have the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the basic acquisition parameters of MRI sequences. Using a Philips MRI simulator setup you can familiarize yourself to the user interface of the scanner. Some theoretical background of the parameters and their interactions will be discussed after which there are some assignments. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss with our specialized MR Physicists and a Philips MRI specialist. Note: This session will be done using Philips MRI simulators and protocols and is therefore of particular interest for hospitals/institutions working on the Philips platform.

Practical details

  • The course will be given from March 9th – 12th,2020.
  • The course language is English.
  • Course location: UMC Utrecht, department of radiotherapy.
  • Registration
    • Registration and payment via the UMC Utrecht web shop (link below)
    • The registration fee is dependent on the selected options:
      • MRI in RT                                   € 600.00
      • Delineation sessions               €   50.00 (optional)
      • MRI protocol training              € 600.00 (optional)
    • For some parts registration is limited
    • The course is subject to cancellation in the event of insufficient interest. Should this be the case, you will be notified ±6 weeks (February 1st) before the start of the course and refunded.
    • Refunds:
      • Cancellations before February 1st: 100%
      • Cancellations between February 1st and February 15th: 50%
      • Cancellations after February 15th: 0%
  • For Dutch participants CME points have been requested at the NVKF and NVRO, For international participants please make enquiries at your national society.

Marielle Philippens, Medical Physicist
Tim Schakel, MR Physicist

Research program of MR-Radiotherapy in the UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences


  • rtmricourses@umcutrecht.nl

Course Programme

Monday, March 9th

MR in RT

  • MR Physics
  • Imaging in treatment position
  • Diffusion MRI
  • MRI for Prostate RT

Delineation session (optional)

  • Prostate (tumor and organs at risk)

Tuesday, March 10th


  • MRI for head and neck
  • MRI guided radiotherapy
  • MRI and brachytherapy
  • Safety
  • Contrast enhanced imaging
  • QA

Delineation session (optional)

  • Head and neck (tumor and organs at risk)

Wednesday, March 11th


  • MRI for brain
  • MRI for cervix RT
  • MRI for GE/rectum RT
  • How will MRI change RT?

MRI protocol training(optional)

  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Patient setup demo

Thursday, March 12th

MRI protocol training(optional)

  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Patient setup demo