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prof. dr. P.A. (Pim) de Jong Full Professor

  • Researchgr. Systems Radiology

P.A. de Jong


Research Programs


I am a professor of Radiology with an interest in image acquistion and quantification and imaging applications for diagnostic, prognostic and etiologic (therapeutic) purposes. My clinical work involves full body diagnostic imaging. My research concentrates on systemic diseases such as infections, immune system related disorders, vascular diseases, skeletal diseases and cancer. I enjoy one-to-one teaching of students, residents, fellows, PhD students and postdocs. Health care management is becoming of greater importance in daily practice and research given the growing sustainability challenges in the research and health care system.

Side Activities

  • Dutch Radiological Society, chair Chest Radiology

    Dutch Radiological Society, member Scientific Committee

    Dutch Protestant Church, "geschiktheidscommissie"

Research Output (221)

Reduced Lung-Cancer Mortality with Volume CT Screening in a Randomized Trial

de Koning Harry J, van der Aalst Carlijn M, de Jong Pim A, Scholten Ernst T, Nackaerts Kristiaan, Heuvelmans Marjolein A, Lammers Jan-Willem J, Weenink Carla, Yousaf-Khan Uraujh, Horeweg Nanda, van 't Westeinde Susan, Prokop Mathias, Mali Willem P, Mohamed Hoesein Firdaus A A, van Ooijen Peter M A, Aerts Joachim G J V, den Bakker Michael A, Thunnissen Erik, Verschakelen Johny, Vliegenthart Rozemarijn, Walter Joan E, Ten Haaf Kevin, Groen Harry J M, Oudkerk Matthijs 29 jan 2020, In: The New England journal of medicine. 382 , p. 503-513 11 p.

Mucus plugging, air trapping, and bronchiectasis are important outcome measures in assessing progressive childhood cystic fibrosis lung disease

Robinson Terry E, Goris Michael L, Moss Richard B, Tian Lu, Kan Peiyi, Yilma Mignote, McCoy Karen S, Newman Beverley, de Jong Pim A, Long Frederick R, Brody Alan S, Behrje Rhett, Yates Denise P, Cornfield David N 21 jan 2020, In: Pediatric Pulmonology. 55 , p. 929-938 10 p.

Unravelling complexities of the subsolid pulmonary nodule—detection, characterization, natural history, monitoring and (future) patient management

Pompe Esther, De Jong Pim A., Mohamed Hoesein Firdaus A.A. nov 2019, In: Journal of Thoracic Disease. 11 , p. S1402-S1407 6 p.

The effect of menaquinone-7 supplementation on vascular calcification in patients with diabetes:A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Zwakenberg S. R., De Jong P. A., Bartstra J. W., Van Asperen R., Westerink J., De Valk H., Slart R. H.J.A., Luurtsema G., Wolterink J. M., De Borst G. J., Van Herwaarden J. A., Van De Ree M. A., Schurgers L. J., Van Der Schouw Y. T., Beulens J. W.J. 1 okt 2019, In: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 110 , p. 883-890 8 p.

Direct Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring in Cardiac and Chest CT

de Vos Bob D., Wolterink Jelmer M., Leiner Tim, de Jong Pim A., Lessmann Nikolas, Isgum Ivana 1 sep 2019, In: IEEE transactions on medical imaging. 38 , p. 2127-2138 12 p.

The accuracy of diagnostic Imaging techniques in patients with a suspected Fracture-related Infection (IFI) trial:study protocol for a prospective multicenter cohort study

Govaert Gam, Hobbelink Mgg, Reininga Ihf, Bosch P, Kwee T C, de Jong P A, Jutte P C, Vogely H C, Dierckx Rajo, Leenen Lph, Glaudemans Awjm, IJpma Ffa 1 sep 2019, In: BMJ Open. 9

Reply to comment on "Sarcopenia is a prognostic factor for overall survival in elderly patients with head and neck cancer"

Chargi N., Bril S. I., de Jong P. A., Emmelot-Vonk M. H., de Bree Remco 8 jul 2019, In: European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. 276 , p. 2631-2633 3 p.

The effect of computerized decision support systems on cardiovascular risk factors:A systematic review and meta-analysis

Groenhof T. Katrien J., Asselbergs Folkert W., Groenwold Rolf H. H., Grobbee Diederick E., Visseren Frank L. J., Bots Michiel L., Asselbergs Folkert W., Nathoe H. M., de Borst G. J., Bots Michiel L., Geerlings M. I., Emmelot M. H., de Jong P. A., Leiner T., Lely A. T., van der Kaaij N. P., Kappelle L. J., Ruigrok Y. M., Verhaar M. C., Visseren Frank L. J., Westerink J. 10 jun 2019, In: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 19 , p. 108

Association of hippocampal calcification and cardiovascular risk factors in two patient cohorts

van der Knaap Marije J.A., Peters Melissa E.M., Lucci Carlo, Geerlings Mirjam I., de Jong Pim A., Ruigrok Ynte M., van der Graaf Y., Grobbee D. E., Rutten G. E.H.M., Visseren F. L.J., de Borst G. J., Kappelle L. J., Leiner T., Doevendans P. A., 1 mei 2019, In: Atherosclerosis: X. 1

Criteria for Early-Phase Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis:Development and Validation

Kuperus Jonneke S, Oudkerk Sytse F, Foppen Wouter, Mohamed Hoesein Firdaus A, Gielis Willem Paul, Waalwijk Job, Regan Elizabeth A, Lynch David A, Oner F Cumhur, de Jong Pim A, Verlaan Jorrit-Jan 2 apr 2019, In: Radiology. 291 , p. 420-426 7 p.

All Research Output (221)
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