Prof. dr. T.R.D.J. (Timothy) Radstake

Hoogleraar Translationele Immunologie
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  • Systems Medicine
  • Inflammation
  • Dendritic cells
  • Epigenetics


Professor Radstake MD, Ph.D. attended medical school at the Radboud University in Nijmegen the Netherlands where he graduated in 2000. He next performed his PhD on the genetic factors that determine the susceptibility to Rheumatoid arthritis and the role of dendritic cells in this conditions that he finished in 2003 under the supervision of Professors van Riel and van den Berg.

Soon after that he started his own research line on translational rheumatology with the ultimate aim to translate clinical problems to novel therapeutic targets. Although starting his research in rheumatoid arthritis, over the years his group investigated a broader spectrum of rheumatic conditions including psoriatic arthritis and systemic sclerosis. From 2007 – 2008 prof. Radstake did a post-doctoral fellowship on the department of rheumatology at the Boston University School of Medicine (prof. R. Lafyatis) where he held a chair until 2014.

From March 2012 he holds the chair on translational immunology at the university medical Center Utrecht were his research team, comprising roughly 40 fte, focuses on a systems medicine approach with the ultimate goal to achieve personalized health care on the basis of molecular taxonomy rather that clinical diagnosis. For this program he is involved in multiple efforts of the European Union with the aim to push the Systems Medicine forward in medicine  in general. A side to his clinical work and role as director of the Utrecht Infection & Immunity FOCIS center of excellence, he is current involved as an entrepreneur in multiple projects to bring potential therapeutic targets to the market, anti-CXCL4 as a novel therapeutic entry-point for scleroderma being the most progressed.


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Persoonlijke prijzen, subsidies en onderscheidingen

Personal grants

  • Veni Laureate; The Toll of infections and the breakdown of tolerance in autoimmune diseases. 2006 – 2008.
  • VIDI Laureate; Closing in on cross talk between Toll-like and Fc gamma receptors to battle autoimmune diseases. 2008 – 2012. Budget.
  • ERC Laureate (starting grant); Harnessing Dendritic cells to Attenuate fibrosis and restore tolerance in Systemic Sclerosis (Circumvent). 2011 – 2015
  • Zenith Laureate; Closing in on defective telomere function in systemic sclerosis; novel avenues to predict prognosis and personalize treatment. 2011 – 2014

Scholarships and prizes

  • Distinguished EMBO award, European Summer School on Systems Medicine, June 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • October 2006, Niels Stensen Stipendium  for post-doctoral fellowship, Boston University, Boston, USA.
  • September 2006, Ter Meulen Stipendium (KNAW) for post-doctoral fellowship, Boston University, Boston, USA.
  • September 2005, Professor Dr. J. Goslings prize, for the work entiteled “Rheumatoid arthritis: elucidation of genetic factors and the role of dendritic cells in the disease pathogenesis”, Dutch Association of Rheumatology.
  • August 2005, Young Investigator Award, International Association of Inflammation Societies (IAIS), Melbourne, Australia. “Joint damage and Dendritic cell function during rheumatoid arthritis is strictly controlled by Fc gamma receptor IIb”.
  • September 2004, Research grant Dr. Ludgardne foundation. For the research proposal: “Elucidation of the critical pathways which regulate the expression of inhibitory FcgRII on dendritic cells in healthy controls and patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)”.  
  • June 2003, Young Investigator Award, European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). For the research proposal: “Toll-like receptors, endogenous ligands and the inflammatory circle of arthritis”. Lissabon, Portugal 2003.
  • June 2002, Young Investigator Award, European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). For the research proposal: “Dendritic cells and the pathogenesis of Rheumatoid arthritis”. Stockholm, Sweden 2002.