Strategic Program Cancer nieuws

Strategic Program Cancer nieuws

Ronald de Krijger becomes professor of pathology

Portrait picture of Ronald de Krijger.

Ronald de Krijger has been appointed professor of Pathology of solid pediatric tumours at UMC Utrecht.

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New UMC Utrecht cancer research with 'mini-organs'

New UMC Utrecht cancer research with 'mini-organs'.

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UMC Utrecht makes genetic testing more accessible

Woman and man having conversation with female doctor

Is my breast or ovarian cancer hereditary? To answer that question, patients are referred to the genetics department of a university medical centre. But that referral does not always take place or takes place relatively late. UMC Utrecht therefore trained healthcare professionals from eight hospitals to request genetic testing themselves. As a result, patients receive genetic testing faster.

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UMC Utrecht eases treatment of liver cancer

Treated in two hours instead of two weeks: the go-ahead has been given for two clinical trials in which liver cancer patients will actually be treated with the hybrid C-arm. The device, an invention of UMC Utrecht, speeds up and eases radioembolization. This project is part of the IMAGIO consortium, which has now received an IHI grant of no less than 24 million euros from the European Union and its partners.

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New cancer research with MR-Linac and ultrasound

Nurses preparing a patient for treatment in the MR-Linac

UMC Utrecht researchers are starting two new projects to treat cancer with image-guided interventions. For one research, they are using MRI-guided radiotherapy, for the other ultrasound techniques. Their projects are made possible by KWF Dutch Cancer Society, which has granted them almost 1.5 million euros in total.

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Metastases unravelled by unique DNA analysis

An enhanced microscopic image of a DNA strand and a cancer cell.

Publications Nature and Nature Genetics about metastases and large-scale DNA analysis.

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Martijn Intven appointed as a professor

With effect from 15 March 2023, UMC Utrecht has appointed Martijn Intven as professor of image-guided radiotherapy. This new chair falls within the Strategic Program Cancer and the Imaging Division of UMC Utrecht.

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Make genetic research more accessible

Portrait of professor Margreet Ausems

In the Netherlands, not every patient has equal access to cancer genetic care. It appears that doctors are less likely to refer patients who have difficulty reading and writing, do not speak the Dutch language or are less health literate to the genetics division. "That has to change," Margreet Ausems, professor of Clinical Oncogenetics at UMC Utrecht, argued in her oration on 6 April. She called on doctors to pay attention to these patients.

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Roland Kuiper appointed as professor

The UMC Utrecht has appointed researcher Roland Kuiper as professor of Molecular Genetics of Hereditary Cancer in Children with effect from August 1, 2022.

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Rachel van Leeuwaarde receives Kika grant

Rachel van Leeuwaarde of UMC Utrecht receives a Kika grant of almost €200.000 for research on children with MEN-syndrome.

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