Collaborate with us

UMC Utrecht consciously chooses to make the connection. Connection with patients, general practitioners, students, other hospitals, companies and institutions and of course with fellow scientists. We are part of a care chain. By conducting research together and providing care, UMC Utrecht is at the center of society. That is why we listen to these stakeholders and we are open to cooperation.

Collaboration framework

UMC Utrecht collaborates with many partners in the field of care, research and education:


Current collaboration

UMC Utrecht has many collaborations, these can be divided into three categories.

Strategic research programmes

 In order to establish connections from research on important areas of research, care and society, UMC Utrecht focuses on a number of strategic research areas, also in collaboration.

Brain Center

High-level research in clinical and experimental neuroscience.

Infection & immunity

Unraveling pathogenic mechanisms for infection and immune diseases.

Center for Circulatory Health

Advancing cardiovascular research for the benefit of patients.

Child Health

Filling significant gaps to improve the lives of children during childhood and thereafter.

Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells

Accelerating the pace of regenerative therapies.

Innovation partners

UMC Utrecht has many innovation partners in-house and at the Utrecht Science Park who can make connections and help medical and health care innovations.


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