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Research Support Office (UMC Utrecht)

The Research Support Office (RSO) of UMC Utrecht is the contact point for researchers with questions about international grants for research and innovations. The RSO is the liaison between the researchers and the EU in Brussels.

Utrecht University

The teaching of medicine from UMC Utrecht is part of the total range of courses offered by Utrecht University. Furthermore, our researchers are working closely with other Life Sciences disciplines at the UU, including Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy. Life Sciences is one of the four overarching strategic themes of the UU. Every faculty in the UU also has its own Research Support Office (RSO).

University of applied sciences of Utrecht

The University of applied sciences of Utrecht offers a wide range of higher professional education programs for students and professionals in the field of health care, biology and medical laboratory research. This makes it an important partner for education, research and collaboration in the field of healthcare and life sciences, such as with the expertise center U Create.




Utrecht Life Sciences

The goal of ULS is to stimulate collaboration in the areas of life sciences education, research and innovation by offering state-of-the-art infrastructures and scientific talent and by providing access to grants and funds in this area. Focus areas include Public Health, Cancer, Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells, Healthcare Innovation and Molecular Life Sciences.



THINC is part of the UMC Utrecht Julius Center. THINC has all the expertise to determine the efficacy, usability and cost-effectiveness of healthcare innovations. In the multidisciplinary team, healthcare innovation researchers work together: doctors, nurses, paramedics, implementation experts, public health experts, ethicists, HTA experts, statisticians and (clinical) epidemiologists.

Julius support

The Julius Center offers support in setting up and conducting medical scientific research. The aim is to make a positive contribution to the right design of human-related research, to the quality and integrity of data and statistical analyzes and to the quality of reporting on this.


To provide more personal care, the UMC Utrecht, among other things, uses eHealth support. This gives patients more insight into their health, care is offered exactly as and when required and there is continuous proximity to a doctor or nurse. UMC Utrecht does this together with patients and their partners, but also with care providers outside the hospital and (communication) technology companies.


Ureka Mega Challenge

The Ureka Megachallenge is an innovation competition at the UMC Utrecht for students, researchers and staff, who have an innovative idea to improve care. The ideas are assessed by a "Dragons" jury with innovation expertise from different angles of care, science and business. The winners receive both financial and substantive support.

U Create

U CREATE is the center of expertise for 'Future Health Design' at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht School of the Arts and UMC Utrecht, Rabobank and Ordina. U CREATE connects the world of care and well-being with the Dutch creative industry for the development of new products, services and experiences in the field of care, cure and prevention. The starting point is always Doctor + Designer = Patient Central.


Utrecht Holdings

Utrecht Holdings is the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. Utrecht Holdings focuses on the knowledge utilization and commercialization of academic research and supports researchers in developing, protecting, marketing and creating spin-offs of innovations, particularly in the field of biotech, medtech, education and ICT.



Pontes Medical is embedded in the UMC Utrecht, VUmc and AMC and is an innovation partner for doctors and researchers and companies for the development, investment and marketing of medical technology. In collaboration with the business community, Pontes realizes innovations for affordable care, safer care and actually brings products closer to the patient.



UtrechtInc is the start-up incubator of Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and the university of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Entrepreneurs and researchers will find support in successfully setting up their (IT) company. This gives them access to starting capital, office facilities and a network of mentors. In the start-up program they work faster towards a scalable business model, paying customers and working product. UtrechtInc has now supported more than 150 startups. The focus is on e-Health, e-Climate and e-Learning.


Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park (USP) is the beating heart of Europe's most competitive region. At the USP, knowledge institutions, research institutes and companies work closely together to find new solutions for a longer and healthier life, now and in the future. The USP is the central point of contact for campus development, research facilities, business accommodation and for innovation cooperation between knowledge institutes and external parties in a broad sense.


The cluster Medical Technology & Clinical Physics (MTKF) at UMC Utrecht is responsible for the application of medical equipment in research and care. The MTKF can help with questions about medical devices in a clinical scientific research. The Prototype Facility of MTKF can assist partners in the documented realization of medical devices suitable for clinical studies in the UMC.



Elevate Health

Elevate Health consists of a driven team of e-learning experts. Elevate advises, designs and develops online and blended academic education. This with the use of innovative learning methods that match differences in learning preference, level and tempo. Interaction between participants and with the lecturer plays an important role in this. Together with founding fathers UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University, Elevate works every day for almost 7,000 teachers and researchers, spread over 7 faculties.



The Utrecht region is unique in terms of knowledge density and opportunity for entrepreneurs when it comes to self-management. Many innovations in self-management & eHealth, however, die prematurely due to lack of knowledge exchange, test environments, restrictive regulations, funding and bureaucracy and thus do not provide any benefit for the citizen, the professional or the Utrecht economy.


Public Meets Private

The focus is on reinforcing existing relationships and capitalizing on opportunities for new alliances. Only by working together can beautiful innovations and good ideas be realized and care for the patient can be improved.

Working at UMC Utrecht





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