international Collaboration
international Collaboration

Investing in strategic networks is important for UMC Utrecht. It results in joint research projects, joint publications, joint PhD training and student exchanges. With a number of organizations there is a collaboration focused on research and innovation. These ‘strategic partners’ are outlined below and visualized on Google Maps.

Strategic partners on Google Maps

International initiatives

Eureka Institute

Knowledge institutions and companies from Europe, Northern-America and Asia are gathered in the Eureka Institute to explore how to bridge the gap between bench and bedside. Activities include building an international, multidimensional and multidisciplinary network and promoting the education of new professionals in translational medicine. Every year during an intensive course of one week talented researchers go into valorization subjects.


Elevate Health

Elevate Health is an online academy that educates international health professionals, elevating professional knowledge and improving health worldwide. The portal also enables global health professionals to share knowledge, explore ideas and analyze new science. As of October 2013 Elevate is an independent legal entity with UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University as shareholders. Both institutions also provide content to Elevate.


Global health

Global Health focuses on the improvement of health around the world and reduction of health disparities between countries and populations. Julius Global Health is part of UMC Utrecht, it carries out research and educational activities in the field of Global Health. For an overview of the Global Health partners: