AI Lab for Healthy Living

AI Lab for Healthy Living

Mental and physical well-being are utterly important for a happy life. However, we are facing major challenges to keep healthcare available for those who need it. To keep healthcare accessible in the future, we must make smart use of the scarce resources and focus on prevention. 

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The AI lab Healthy Living aims to use artificial intelligence to prevent disease, focus on prevention, and encourage healthy lifestyles. By enriching clinical and population information with personal device data, the lab aims to provide personalized insights into lifestyle, behavior, and health for better prevention. Collaboration between professionals, patients, data scientists, designers, and legal experts will be crucial to overcome key challenges such as text analysis and algorithmic learning, data processing safety, ethics, and explainability. The lab will accelerate data-driven learning in healthcare and stimulate the shift from illness to health, resulting in a more sustainable and cost-effective healthcare system. 

AI Lab Directors uitklapper, klik om te openen

Prof. dr. Oscar O.H. Franco

Prof. dr. Floortje F.E. Scheepers

Prof. dr. ir.  Judith Masthoff (UU)

 For more information please see the UU part of the AI Lab Healthy Living

AI Lab Coordinators uitklapper, klik om te openen

Dr. Rosanne J. Turner

Karin Hagoort

Dr. Vicente Artola

Dr. Hanna J. Hauptmann (UU)

Dr. Hanneke Posthumus (UU)

Projects uitklapper, klik om te openen

  • Prediction of the effects of anti-depressants and ECT and prediction of side-effects 
  • Fuzzy topic modelling 
  • Prediction of aggression and coercive treatment 
  • Wearables project aggression and stress 
  • Proof-of-concept within EPI-project (e.g. outcome indicators based on text and structured data from EPF) 
  • Lifestyle center care, implementation and research

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