Cardiovascular education

Cardiovascular education

The strategic program invests considerably in the development of educational tools for and teaching of different target groups. Moreover, the strategic program offers career prospects for students in the final phase of their education and for professionals.

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The Circulatory Health Research Center is strongly embedded in academic teaching within the curricula of the bachelors biomedical sciences (BMW), medicine (GNK), and clinical sciences (ZG&S), the premaster clinical health sciences (KGW) and master programs Biology of DiseaseCardiovascular Health & Disease (CH&DBoD), Regenerative Medicine and Technology (RMT), and Drug Innovation (DI). In addition, the Circulatory Health Research Center adheres to the research and education philosophy of the New Utrecht School (DNUS). We also offer various additional courses in the Utrecht academia setting, including within Utrecht Summer School, University College and several PhD courses. In addition, teachers from the Circulatory Health Research Center are involved in external teaching, including among which the Papendal courses organized by the Dutch Heart Foundation.

The educational tasks of our teachers mostly include coordination of courses, providing (interactive) lectures, supervising working groups and tutorials, and supervising students during internships. In addition, researchers/teachers of the Circulatory Health Research Center are part of a number of education-, selection- and examination boards.

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We often have bachelor and master internship positions available within the Circulatory Health Research Center. UU students can search and apply for an internship through the Konjoin platform. 

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Within the various Utrecht (bio)medical programs, a lot of attention is given to cardiovascular education. Within Utrecht University there is a clear cardiovascular educational line detectable from bachelor to PhD study. It starts, for instance, with the biomedical sciences bachelor course Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and goes, through the master Cardiovascular Health & Disease (CH&D), all the way to the PhD programme Cardiovascular Research (PhD CVR). The Circulatory Health Research Center is closely involved in the development and implementation of this education. In addition to theoretical education, the (bio)medical programs also offer students many opportunities to contribute to cardiovascular research through research internships.

The Circulatory Health program also sponsors the Utrecht Student Journal.

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Within the strategic program, we contribute in various ways to the further professional development of our (bio)medical professionals. For example, there is a monthly lecture cycle (Jongbloed seminars) in which (inter)national experts discuss aspects of cardiovascular research. In addition, master classes and grand rounds are organized, where (medical) specialists interactively discuss their research and patient cases. 

The Circulatory Health Research Center also has multiple online courses available. The (Dutch) e-learning cardiogenetics is intended to give the cardiologist an overview in cardiogenetic diagnostics. In the e-learning, case studies provide insight into the indications referring to the clinical geneticist, diagnostics and family research in patients with cardiomyopathy or arrhythmia with a possible genetic component. Then, the Cardiovascular Epidemiology course. The objective of this online medical course is to provide you with insights into the principles of cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemiology and the important issues that are involved – plus a lot more besides.

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UMC Utrecht has an institutional subscription to Nature Masterclasses. This subscription grants everyone with an UMC Utrecht account access to all currently available online courses on the Nature Masterclasses platform. The online courses are designed for postdocs, fellows, UD/assistant professors and UHD/associate professors. 

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