Client board

Client board

To maintain a high level of care and service at UMC Utrecht, we have our own client board that helps us to continuously improve our services. The client board is partly formed by (former) patients who help our organization to serve the general interests of all our patients and clients as well as possible.

Your vote can trigger or make a difference foldout. As a client board we serve the general interests of the clients of UMC Utrecht. You can always contact us for your ideas and comments. It is best to report specific comments about your own treatment to your own care provider.

The client board is not there for individual complaints. You can contact the complaints mediation department for this.

We really cannot do our job properly without your opinions and ideas. So let us know. Your information, experiences and suggestions can just be the reason to discuss a topic with the board of directors of UMC Utrecht and to take concrete actions. Give your opinion via: Thanks in advance.

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