Duties Duties


We expect you to provide clear, comprehensive information on your health and to cooperate with medical and nursing treatment – to the extent permitted by your health of course.

proof of identity

Anyone using healthcare must be able to prove their identity. This is necessary to:

  • be able to register you correctly in the hospital’s administration
  • prevent somebody misusing your medical file and your insurance details

Therefore, please ensure that you have some valid proof of identity on you at all times (passport, driver’s license, identity card or foreign national’s identity card) as well as your insurance pass or healthcare pass.

Children aged 14 years or over are obliged to have their own proof of identity. However, children under the age of 14 will also be required to prove their identity. Parents must bring the child’s proof of identity as well as the child’s insurance pass. If a child does not have any proof of identity, then the parent will have to bring their own proof of identity in addition to the child’s insurance pass.


Standards of conduct

In order to ensure that the hospital is as pleasant and safe as possible for you and our staff, we have drawn up a number of standards. Everyone at the UMC Utrecht is required to comply with these. These standards of conduct were formulated in conjunction with the police and the judiciary. The standards have been incorporated into the nationwide project Veilige Zorg®.

When a patient or visitor acts in a manner that conflicts with the hospital's standards and rules, we may elect to issue a yellow card or a red card. A yellow card is an official warning, which we might issue for something along the lines of verbal abuse. Patients issued with a red card will not be allowed to enter the hospital for a certain period of time, except for accident and emergency treatment or psychiatric help. We may elect to issue a red card for such things as physical violence.

Our standards of conduct are as follow:

  • Liberty. We cannot condone comments, gestures, physical contact or pressure of a sexual nature.
  • Discrimination. Ridiculing, abusing or demeaning individuals on the grounds of their origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, behavior, appearance or clothing is forbidden.
  • Violence. You are not entitled to obstruct, intimidate, threaten (verbally or otherwise), blackmail or mistreat anyone.
  • Weapons. Weapons are not permitted in the hospital. If weapons are discovered, they will be confiscated and you could be refused admission to the hospital.
  • Theft and vandalism. Theft or vandalism will be reported to the police. We will recoup the costs from the perpetrator.
  • Alcohol and drugs. The use of alcohol and drugs is not permitted and will not be tolerated. If you are under the influence, you will be refused access to the hospital.
  • Privacy. Please respect the privacy of patients and staff. You cannot freely take photos of or film in the UMC Utrecht without permission from the UMC Utrecht. If a patient, visitor or member of staff is recognizable in an image, that person’s consent must be sought.

Working at UMC Utrecht





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