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The DDOD-lab initiates and participates in a number of educational activities.


The Department for Developmental Origins of Disease hosts various types of internship positions:

  • Laboratory sciences (MLO, HLO)
  • Biomedical bachelor research projects
  • Biomedical master research projects
  • Writing assignments

You can always send in an application. Please send a letter of interest with your CV to

(Bio)Medical sciences

We host a course for the biomedical bachelors’ curriculum in the third year (‘Early Life Events: Diagnostics and Treatment’). This course consists of a theoretical part (week 1-4) and a practical part (week 5-10). 

The first part provides an overview of the causes, consequences and cures of adverse early life events investigated by researchers and clinicians of the division Woman & Baby, supplemented with external experts on autism research, human genetics and electrical engineering. The second part is reserved for a practical course on the proliferation and differentiation of Neural Stem Cells (NSCs). The practical contributes to the research that investigates the optimal growth conditions for NSCs, which supports neuroregenerative therapies.

In numerous other courses experts from our department host classes and workshops. For instance, we coordinate the first two weeks of the introductory course of the Neuroscience & Cognition Masters training. Also, we coordinate the PhD course on Current Issues in Neurodevelopment. We have an active teaching community and continuously strive to improve our teaching and training skills, not in the least by actively asking for vertical and horizontal feedback.


We actively support those interested in a teaching profile with optimizing their didactic skills. Our department’s chair is also the director of education of the division Woman and Baby, allowing ample access to the professional support from the UMCU teaching center.

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