Group Kranenburg

Group Kranenburg

Research in my team is aimed at elucidating the mechanisms that underlie the formation of distant metastases in colorectal cancer. We also aim to design and test novel strategies to improve diagnosis and treatment. My team is composed of basic researchers and clinicians working closely together in a translational research program: Clinical problems guide the definition of basic research questions and research results form the basis for the design of clinical studies.

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To generate better models of (colorectal) cancer and other types of disease, we use organoid technology to generate living biobanks of patient-derived organoids (PDO). The Utrecht Platform for Organoid Technology (U-PORT) is a UMCU-based facility helping researchers to generate living organoid biobanks.

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common causes of cancer-related mortality. Mortality is almost exclusively due to the development of distant metastases, most commonly in the liver, the lungs, and the peritoneal cavity. The team studies the basic principles of metastasis formation to these distinct sites by directly analyzing patient-derived tissues and by generating organoid models. These analyses provide leads for the design of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, which are subsequently tested in the patient-derived organoid models and, whenever possible, in cancer patients.

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 PhD students

  • Sonia Aristin
  • Myrna van den Bos
  • Maurice van Duijvenvoorde
  • Ingrid Franken
  • Madelief Kieboom
  • Kyah van Megesen
  • Lidwien Smabers
  • Bas Viergever

Post docs

  • Layla El Bouazzaoui
  • Emre Kucukkose
  • Jamila Laoukili
  • Alba Zuidema


  • Cindy Frederiks
  • Danielle Raats
  • Susanne van Schelven
  • Tessa Spaapen  
  • Andre Verheem


  • Inne Borel Rinkes
  • Sjoerd Elias
  • Jeroen Hagendoorn
  • Miriam Koopman
  • Jeanine Roodhart


  • Arnold Binda
  • Anneta Brousali
  • Jorieke Salij

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