Energy well spent: substantive choices at UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht cannot of course be all things in all areas. Therefore, we have focused our top talent and financial resources on what we know we do best. At UMC Utrecht, we pioneer innovations and targeted research for the future. Our motto is planning makes good ideas a reality. Everything we do is aimed at putting scientific results into products and services of social value. We encourage and support talent, entrepreneurship, and innovation in a variety of ways.

Ureka Mega Challenge

This in-house competition challenges everyone with a good idea to come up with a new concept, product, or technical invention that can improve health care. When a winner is selected, they receive coaching and seed capital to realize their idea and bring it to the patient.

Pontes Medical

The goal of Pontes Medical is to develop new medical instruments. From UMC Utrecht, Pontes medical bridges the gaps between specialists, researchers, health care providers, businesses and investors in order to develop and test new products and bring them to market. 


UNOVATE focuses specifically on healthcare-related innovations and un patentable developments in medical technology. Unovate connects UMC Utrecht to the business world of innovation in healthcare. Together with other parties, Unovate develops innovative concepts for care, research, and education. 

Utrecht Holdings

The UMC Utrecht Holding helps protect invention during the process of requesting patents. The holding has for example worked with Arjen Slooter. He created an approach whereby an EKG could detect earlier cases of delirium. The result: better care and shorter hospital stays.

Medical apps in MAC3

UMC Utrecht has access to the Medical Apps Co -Creation Center (MAC3), a special team of experts that develop applications that make care better, cheaper and more accessible.