Jeroen Pasterkamp member of Academia Europaea

Jeroen Pasterkamp member of Academia Europaea

Portrait picture of Jeroen Pasterkamp.

Jeroen Pasterkamp, professor of Translational Neuroscience and scientific director of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center, has been appointed a member of the Academia Europaea. That is the European society of scientists belonging to the global top. The appointment is a tribute to Jeroen's groundbreaking research and leadership in the neuroscience field.

Jeroen's research focuses on the development of neural circuits and how diseases and injury affect them. He has provided fundamental insights into how nerve circuits can re-form after injury, leading to new approaches in the treatment of nerve damage. In addition, Jeroen has made important discoveries regarding proteins essential for the growth and control of nerve fibers.

Another of Jeroen's important scientific contributions is his work on brain organoids within the context of neuromuscular diseases, such as ALS. These are miniature models of the human brain, which he was one of the first in the Netherlands to use to answer fundamental neuroscientific questions. His work in this field has earned him national as well as international recognition.

At UMC Utrecht, Jeroen leads the Department of Translational Neuroscience and the UMC Utrecht Brain Center. His role as a mentor is also significant: he has supervised 41 PhD students and 11 postdocs, many of whom now lead independent research groups.

About the Academia Europaea

Founded in 1988, the Academia Europaea aims to promote European research, advise governments and international organizations on scientific matters, and stimulate interdisciplinary and international research. The Academia Europaea brings together some 5,500 of Europe's top scientists across the breadth of science, including dozens of Nobel Prize winners. Every year, the most appealing international candidates are selected.  

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