Child Health nieuws

Child Health nieuws

Research grant for musical stimulation in young at-risk children

From left to right: Anja Volk, Anneloes van Baar, Corline Parmentier

Does a musical game help map stimulus processing in young at-risk children? Can a questionnaire help to understand the development of these children? These are the questions researchers from UMC Utrecht and UU will be addressing in the near future. They received a so-called Booster grant of €25,000 last summer. This year, they started their research on musical stimulation in young at-risk children.

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'Working in healthcare is a team sport'

Portrait picture of Ronald de Krijger.

Ronald de Krijger, Professor of Pathology of Solid Childhood Tumours delivered his inaugural address at the Academy Building of Utrecht University on 4 July. His message: 'In connection, developments within pathology allow us to further improve care for children with cancer.'

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New associate professors hold lecture

A small baby in a bed with an adult hand tending to the baby

At UMC Utrecht, five researchers have been appointed associate professor within the Child Health strategic theme. The new associate professors hold their celebratory lectures today at the WKZ. This group of talented researchers is appointed associate professor because of scientific achievements and qualifications in research, teaching, and management. Their research themes are very different.

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Bas Veersema is retiring from UMC Utrecht

Bas Veersema in the operating room.

Bas Veersema, a man with a mission: to give new momentum to the gynecology department of the UMC Utrecht. His work as a gynecologist and professor of benign gynecology has had a significant impact on this department. On Friday, June 14, Bas gave his farewell speech in the Academy Building in Utrecht. Bas: 'Looking back, I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together.'

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Unique trial patients with CF: customisation with organoids

Dilara Vilic and Kors van der Ent are in conversation in a hospital room.

Dilara Vilic is the first European patient with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) to participate in a unique clinical trial at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht. For the clinical trial, patients are selected for the first time with the Utrecht CF organoid model.

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Kidney tumors in children: specific diagnosis with MRI

Researcher Justine van der Beek with her publication in front of the WKZ.

Justine van der Beek researched how different types of kidney tumors can be distinguished using MRI scans.

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May 27: New research provides further evidence that pediatric uveitis is a systemic immune disease

Pediatric uveitis might be a manifestation of a disease that affects not only the eye but also the systemic immune system and microcirculation. Therefore, it is important to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in the management of pediatric uveitis patients to provide the best possible care. These were the main takeaways from the PhD research by Carlyn Kouwenberg from UMC Utrecht.

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Louis Bont appointed at Yale

Louis Bont

Louis Bont, professor of childhood respiratory infections, pediatric infectiologist, immunologist, has been appointed visiting professor at Yale University. One of the most acclaimed private institutions in the United States, this recognizes the global impact of research on the RS virus.

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Cooperation to predict treatment effect


Does a chronically fatigued adolescent child benefit from online cognitive behavioural therapy? And how can we predict it? Sanne Nijhof, Marijana Marelj, Elise van de Putte and Tejaswini Deoskar received a Booster Grant and they researched this. The booster grant of 15,000 euros came from UMC Utrecht and Dynamics of Youth.

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New professor of Reproductive Medicine started

Willem Verpoest

UMC Utrecht has appointed Willem Verpoest as Professor of Reproductive Medicine from 1 April 2024. The professorship, which falls under the strategic theme Child Health, will, among other things, contribute to the development of pre-implantation diagnostics.

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Working at UMC Utrecht





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