Jan Willem Gorter appointed professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation

Jan Willem Gorter appointed professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation

Jan Willem Gorter will start as Professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation at UMC Utrecht on August 1, 2021. Since 2017, in addition to his appointment as professor at McMaster University Hamilton, Canada, Gorter has already been appointed as visiting professor of pediatric rehabilitation at UMC Utrecht.

Anne Visser-Meily, head of the Department of Rehabilitation: 'We are very happy with Jan Willem's return to Utrecht. His arrival and the expertise he brings are a huge boost for child rehabilitation at UMC Utrecht and actually throughout the Netherlands. His appointment is the crown on the work of the child rehabilitation physicians and researchers. With his research of children with brain disorders, muscle disorders, oncological disorders and congenital orthopedic disorders, Jan Willem will help to further strengthen the collaboration between the Brain and Child Health focus areas within the UMC Utrecht.'

With the chair, Gorter aims to bring the complex care of children with developmental disabilities and the family to a higher level and thus improve their health. Gorter: 'By increasing our knowledge of how these children are able to better participate in our society, we increase their autonomy and facilitate their transition into adulthood.' The input of young people themselves and their parents is crucial.'

Jan Willem Gorter studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his doctorate in 1999 and completed his training as a rehabilitation specialist in Utrecht in 2000. Until 2008 he worked as a child rehabilitation specialist in the WKZ and at De Hoogstraat Revalidatie. In 2008 he moved to Hamilton where he held the position of associate professor and professor at the Department of Pediatrics and the McMaster School of Rehabilitation Science in Hamilton, Canada. He will become medical head of pediatric rehabilitation, become part of the MT of the Department of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Science and Sport, UMC Utrecht and the Rehabilitation Knowledge Center Utrecht. He will also remain affiliated with McMaster University as a visiting professor.

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