UMC Utrecht appoints eight clinical scientists

UMC Utrecht appoints eight clinical scientists

Eight clinical scientists have been appointed at UMC Utrecht. These are in-house healthcare providers with an interest and proven expertise in conducting scientific research. Divisions and strategic themes nominated candidates for this new role. They have been enabled to devote 40 per cent of their time to research for five years.

The added value of a university medical centre is combining care, research, and teaching, especially by individuals. But people who combine two or more tasks have to unite very different worlds. With the creation of the role of clinical scientist, these people are given time to realise impact in those different worlds. Dean Prof. Arno Hoes: "UMC Utrecht wants to promote translational research by clinical scientists. Recognising clinically active researchers as clinical scientists within each strategic theme and division is seen as an important step in this."

Profile of candidates

The typical candidates for this role are doctoral medical professionals (for example doctor, nursing scientist, or psychologist) with a permanent, full-time (0.8-1.0 fte) appointment at UMC Utrecht. The candidate has an excellent scientific reputation, demonstrable interest, and proven expertise in developing and conducting translational research. Furthermore, the candidates can create social impact and bridging the gap between research and the clinic.

The third batch of clinical scientists within UMC Utrecht consists of eight colleagues (four women and four men), from three divisions and four strategic themes (see table). The intention is to appoint more clinical scientists in the coming years.

CandidateFunctionStrategic Theme
Inez Bronsveld PulmonologistI&I
Ibrahim DanadCardiologistCirculatory Health
Floortje JansenPaediatric neurologistBrain 
Ynte RuigrokVascular neurologistBrain
Tom SnijdersNeurologist oncologyBrain
Tim van de HoefCardiologistCirculatory Health
Albertien van EerdeClinical geneticistChild Health 
Wouter van Rheenen  NeurologistBrain

Working at UMC Utrecht





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