The RASTRIC trial: new investigator driven clinical trial started

A new investigator driven clinical trial has started in August: the RASTRIC trial

Patients with colorectal cancer and a mutation of the RAS gene, have a worse prognosis than patients without this mutation, because their treatment options are limited. Despite decades of attempts to target the RAS mutation, there is currently no effective targeted treatment.

Recently, Hugo Snippert and Hans Bos (both CMM in the UMCU) found a combination of three readily available drugs, that was effective in the lab on models of this disease. Excitingly, this month a phase I/II clinical trial based on their work has officially started. The RASTRIC trial is a first-in-human clinical trial to test this new combination. The trial is led by medical oncologist Jeanine Roodhart and is open for registration. More information about the trial and the Oncode grant that made this possible can be found here.

You will find an explanation_of_the_RASTRIC_trial (in Dutch) on this website.