Young SiT airs its new website

Young SiT airs its new website

About 3 years ago a group of enthusiastic early career researchers from the UMC Utrecht started a think tank to help policy makers in making the necessary changes in science. Inspired by the Science in Transition movement, they were dubbed Young Science in Transition (YoungSiT) and organized their first Symposium on February 14th, 2020 "For the Love of Science". 

Today, YoungSiT airs its own website to widen its reach, share information and news about its activities, and provide a means to contact the group. Since its inception the group of early career enthousiastic researchers has expanded beyond members from the UMC Utrecht, with colleagues joining from the VU Amsterdam, TU Delft, and University Twente. All members are passionate about science and aim to push for more transparency in career and reward systems, communication with and outreach to society at large, and open science. 

The group's goal is to encourage early career researchers to join the debate on themes like responsible research evaluation, public engagement and open science. As such their effort is distinct from Science in Transition in that it is a grassroots movement, yet similar in that it identifies with the same endgoals. 

The think tank organizes events on a variety of questions. What is open science and why do we need it in the first place? And how can young scientists communicate their results to society? Why is research evaluation mainly focused on output metrics? Can we change that as young scientists?

Do you have any suggestions, or questions? Do you know about a topic you would like to be discussed or learn more about? Reach out to YoungSiT via the contact-form.

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