Patrick Derksen
principal investigator

I am an Associate Professor at the Pathology Department where I am studying breast cancer progression upon loss of cell-cell adhesion. Outside the lab I love culinary extravaganza’s and fast motor cycles. 

Miranda van Amersfoort
zoology technician

I am working as a technician in the Derksen lab. My days are filled with pre-clinical studies and lab logistics. This involves biobanking, histology of tumor material and bioluminescence and tumor regression data analysis. I love going out for dinner, visiting concerts and festivals and snowboarding.

Robert van de Ven
PhD student

My work mainly focuses on the oncogenic role of p120 in invasive lobular carcinoma and in particular its function in the nucleus where it regulates the activity of the transcriptional repressor Kaiso. In my spare time I enjoy music, guitar playing and football.

Milou Tenhagen
PhD student

My main project is focussed on identifying the transcriptional consequences of E-cadherin loss. I'm using genome-wide  approaches including ChIP and RNA-sequencing to get insight into the alterations in pathway components expression and Kaiso function. After working in the lab I enjoy going out for a dance and having dinner with friends.

Jolien de Groot
PhD student

As a graduate student I am working on two different projects exploring the possibilities of treatment of breast cancer via the intraductal approach. My second project is looking into the coupling of p120 loss loss of cell-cell adhesion and aneuploidy in breast cancer.

Eva Vlug
PhD student

As a fourth-year graduate student I will graduate soon. I have explored the role of α-catenin loss in breast cancer.
I am interested in the underlying cytosolic biochemistry that drives breast cancer progression.

Maria Boumpoutsari
current undergraduates


Sander Boogaard
current undergraduates



  • Ron Schackmann
    Postdoctoral fellow
    Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
  • Iordanka Ivanova
    Junior group leader
    University of Winsor, ON, Canada
  • Çigdem Ercan
    Regulatory Affairs Associate 
    Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics


Former Undergraduates

  • Judith Haarhuis
  • Tamara Kubbenga
  • Suzanne Stelloo
  • Gerdien van den Heuvel
  • Tanja Eisemann
  • Francisca Peixoto
  • Mijanou Niklaas
  • Maartje Pustjens
  • Jos Koopman
  • Audrey Sporrij