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UMC Utrecht offers awards and scholarships for students in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences and Clinical Health Sciences.

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Thesis Awards

The Thesis Awards are the annual awards ceremony for student and teacher awards.  Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the Thesis Awards, which were planned on 12 June, are cancelled.  Our goal is to set a new date due this fall. Any new developments will be shared on this page. 

Overview of awards and scholarships


The WKZ-Award is an award for a thesis, research paper or publication published last year. The subject should be about disease, treatment or background about diseases happening at an adolescent age. The award, which comes with a cash prize of 500 euros, is handed out yearly in June to a Medicine, Biomedical Sciences (Bachelor's or Master's) or Clinical Health Sciences student.

Hand in your application with a short letter written by your research supervisor. Make sure that your application is sent before April 15th to the Awards & Scholarships contact of the Education Center UMC Utrecht (See application form). The winners gets picked by an expert jury. 

Prize: 500 euros
Application deadline: April 15th 2020

Talma Eykman award

The Talma Eykman award is for a student of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences or Clinical Health Sciences who has written an excellent research report or literature review thesis.

All master students and the bachelor students who follow an honours program may apply but the research report or literature review thesis must have been graded at least 8. Applications should be accompanied by a summary of maximum 2 A4 pages written for laymen. Entries will be judged by the Talma Eykman jury. The deadline for applications is April 24th.

Prize is 1000 euros
Application deadline is 24 april 2020

Nijbakker-Morra Foundation: Incentive Prize

The Nijbakker-Morra Foundation provides an annual incentive prize for students Medicine and students of Biomedical Sciences who, during their research training, demonstrate exceptional talent for and commitment to fundamental or applied cancer research.

The prize enables students to attend a scientific conference abroad in the field of cancer research. 

More information on

Prize is a 1500 euro travel scholarship
Application deadline is 1 november 2020

Van Wijck-Stam-Caspers (WSC) Fund

The foundation "van Wijck-Stam-Caspers" provides yearly 10000 Euro to assist students from Medicine and Biomedcal Sciences of the Utrecht University to perform cardiovascular research abroad as part of their study. 

The applications can be submitted twice a year (deadlines March 1 and October 1). A jury will select in principle one student application from Medicine and one from Biomedical Sciences in each round. in addition, PhD students may request support (maximum 1000 E) for a visit to a foreign laboratory in order to exchange data or methodologies.

Prizes are two cash prizes of 2500 euro and two grants of 1000 euro for PhD students.
Application deadlines are 1 March 2020 and 1 October 2020.

Professor Frits de Waard Penning

The Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care is proud to announce ‘The Professor Frits de Waard Penning’. This award is intended for students who have conducted original and excellent epidemiological research in medicine or biomedical sciences and have concluded this research with a scientific publication. Two awards are available yearly, one for a medical student and one for an epidemiology master’s student. A jury will select the best entries.

The aim of the award is to encourage promising young researchers who are at the start of their career by acknowledging their achievements.

Questions and applications:

Prize: besides the Professor Frits de Waard Penning, the winners will receive an incentive of €500.
Application deadline is 4 May 2020

Suzanne Hovinga Award

This award is for a thesis of exceptional quality. Entries will be judged by an independent jury on thoroughness of research, a demonstrated understanding of the material, logic of presentation, design, readability, creativity and inventiveness. Only theses awarded a mark of over 8 will be eligible for submission for the award.
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Prize is an award of 500 euro for one bachelor or master Biomedical Sciences student.

Student scholarship: Dr. E. Dekker programme of the Hartstichting

The internship made possible by this scholarship will be completed entirely in the Master's stage of your studies. For a periode of four months, you will conduct research in the cardiovascular field at a renowned research institution in the Netherlands of abroad.  The selection of students who are eligible for the Hartstichting internship funding is entirely up to the UMC Utrecht. 

You can't start your research before the internship is granted. If your internships gets funded, you have to start within nine months. Your signed final paper must be submitted within two months after ending your internship. 

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Don't forget to fill out the Prizes and Scholarships application form as well. You can find it at the top and bottom buttons on this page.

Prize: 3000 euros
Application deadline: September 3th 2020 

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Policy application awards and scholarships

An application may be submitted after graduation in cases where grading of the thesis/report took place after the application deadline.

This should also be the first possible moment at which the candidate can be reasonably expected to submit his/her application.