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Section Cell Biology

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The section Cell Biology is one of the four sections that are part of the Center of Molecular Medicine of the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. Head of the section is prof.dr. Judith Klumperman. The section of Cell Biology is an integrated academic center for fundamental and translational research, and education in the fields of cancer, stem cells and immunology. Its research fully fits within five of the six focus areas (speerpunten) of the UMC Utrecht: Personalized Cancer Care, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, Immunology and Infection, Child Health and Brain.

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The faculty of the Section Cell Biology comprises four principal investigators, who with their independent teams work on various interrelated research topics within the biomedical life sciences. This creates a unique environment where a variety of experimental and theoretical expertises and competencies come together.

  • Prof. Judith Klumperman 's group aims to understand how genetic mutations lead to cellular disorganization and disease, with special emphasis on diseases related to the cellular digestive system, the endo-lysosomes.
  • Prof. Madelon Maurice : research of her group aims to find and understand mechanisms of Wnt signaling in stem cells, development and cancer.
  • Dr. Catherine Rabouille: (part-time associated) Regulation of secretion during development and by growth conditions
  • Dr. Catherine Robin: (part-time associated) The self-renewing and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells

Together these research teams integrate cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, light & electron microscopy and high-throughput screening methods in order to tackle a diversity of biomedical questions with innovative approaches and from unique angles. In addition, a large variety of model systems are employed, including yeast, human-derived cell lines, adult stem cells, tissues and mouse models.

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  • Prof.Dr. Klumperman  Professor of Cell Biology
  • Prof.Dr. Maurice  Professor of Molecular Cell Biology

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The secretariat of the section Cellbiology can be reached as follows:

088 75 56551

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