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From research to care

From research to care

Clinical studies are performed across most teams of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center. Too often, important research findings are known to the scientific community but take a long time to reach the patient. In “From Research to Care”, researchers explore ways to translate their findings directly to the benefit of patients. Our goal is to find early diagnostic markers and improve treatment strategies in an evidence-based manner.

Principal investigators Publications

Researchers across the UMC Utrecht Brain Center learn from directing each other with the following lines of query.

  • How can we develop new guidelines for clinical practice?
  • How can we change the patient’s lifestyle in an effective manner?
  • Which innovative tools are available as an alternative to pharmacotreatment, such as advanced neuroprosthetics?

To maintain a strict quality control we assert independence from industrial partners and thereby achieve optimal data collection that are of common interest to a range of studies.

We also aim to improve clinical research and implement the findings in the daily setting of the clinic. “From Research to Care” provides an interactive platform to improve clinical research and implement the findings in the daily setting of the clinic. It is extremely important to disseminate our research findings not only in scientific journals, but also as a directive, creating an incentive for patients to choose UMC Utrecht for treatment / care and understand the myriad of benefits of participation in research.

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