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The Utrecht Cardiovascular Cohorts – Second Manifestations of Arterial Disease (UCC-SMART) study is an ongoing prospective single-centre cohort study of over 15.000 patients. The aim of the study is to assess important determinants and the prognosis of cardiovascular disease progression. 

The study contributes to attaining complete and protocoled multidisciplinary care by integrating scientific research into patient care. The study population consist of patients aged 18 - 90 years, referred to the University Medical Centre Utrecht for management of cardiovascular disease or risk factors. Upon inclusion, patients undergo a standardized screening program, including questionnaires, vital signs, laboratory measurements, electrocardiogram, vascular ultrasound of carotid arteries and aorta, ankle-brachial index and ultrasound measurements of adipose tissue, kidney size and intima media thickness. 

UCC-SMART covers a long follow-up duration. Outcomes of interest are collected through annual questionnaires and adjudicated by an endpoint committee

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In the Facts & Figures 2022 of the Utrecht Cardiovasculair Cohorts - Second Manifestations of ARTerial disease (UCC-SMART), an annual overview is given about the activities that took place in 2022. Additionally, it gives insight to the upcoming events in 2023. The Facts & Figures of 2021 and 2020 are also available.

Facts & Figures 2022

Facts & Figures 2021

Facts & Figures 2020

Read about the start of the NFU campaign about cohortstudies and how thanks to the UCC-SMART study, UMC Utrecht can now better predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases (in Dutch).

Campaign NFU

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Athero-Express is an ongoing prospective cohort study and biobank, initiated in 2002. The study includes patients undergoing femoral or carotid endarterectomy. During surgery, the atherosclerotic plaque is harvested and immunohistochemically stained in order to asses fat, collagen, macrophages and smooth muscle cells. The objective of Athero-Express is to investigate the value of plaque characteristics in relation to long term cardiovascular events. In 2022, Athero-Express has been incorporated in the UCC-SMART study.

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  • F. Visseren
  • J. Dorresteijn
  • M. Teraa
  • G. De Borst
  • M. L. Bots
  • M. H. Emmelot-Vonk
  • P. de Jong
  • N. P. van der Kaaij
  • T. Lely
  • Y. Ruigrok
  • M. van Smeden
  • M. C. Verhaar
  • M.G. van der Meer
  • A. Vandersteen
  • M.J. Cramer
  • H.M. Nathoe. 

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Wetenschap UCC SMART (in dutch)

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Het programma (in dutch)

Wat is UCC-SMART? (in dutch)

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