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UNRAVEL is a University Medical Center Utrecht-based research platform that aims to identify factors involved in penetrance, variability, and risk stratification of heart diseases as a whole, with a focus on inherited cardiomyopathies.

Patients with a heart disease, as well as their relatives who are screened for heart disease, are eligible for inclusion in this biobank. Materials (i.e. blood and cardiac tissue samples and DNA), genetic information, and clinical data (e.g. electrocardiographic, imaging, and outcome) are obtained from patients who explicitly consent to participation in this biobank. As an add-on protocol, we provide a protocol for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. In doing so, UNRAVEL creates a sustainable resource of biomaterials in combination with clinical information, that is available for future scientific research.

Since 2021, the UNRAVEL platform also includes the above-mentioned information for affected animals treated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Utrecht University, which allows translation of findings from basic science to clinics and back. Furthermore, we educate patients, students/residents, general practitioners, and colleagues from referral sites to share our knowledge to improve patient care.

As such, UNRAVEL is an unprecedented resource for clinical and translational research, and resulted in our researchers being involved in the development of various (inter)national guidelines.

UNRAVEL is embedded in the European Reference Network GUARD-Heart and in the UMCU Center of Expertise for hereditary cardiovascular diseases, as granted by the Dutch Federation of Universities.

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Anneline te Riele, PI


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Human cohort

Folkert Asselbergs, Magdalena Harakalova, Peter van Tintelen, Arjan Sammani, Annette Baas, Linda van Laake, Michal Mokry, Joost Sluijter, Alain van Mil, Anneline ter Riele, Pieter Doevendans, Dennis Dooijes, Arco Tesce, Marish Oerlemans, Hanneke Linde, Natascha Hazendonk, Angela Schoemaker, Doraya Haarmans, Irene van de Ploeg, Aryan Vink, Jiayi Pei, Renee Maas, Talitha Spanjersberg, Karen Gaar-Humphreys, Christian Snijders Blok, Jessica van Setten, Jan Willem Buikema, Mark Jansen, Marijke Linschoten, Lieke Numan, Mimount Bourfis, Machteld Boonstra, Karim Taha, Feddo Kirkels, Ayoub Bagheri

Veterinary cohort

Frank van Steenbeek, Hille Fieten, Viktor Szatmari, Guy Grinwis, Marja Kik, Giorgia Santarelli, Alma Hulsman, Hans Kooistra

Key publications uitklapper, klik om te openen

  1. Sammani et al. UNRAVEL: big data analytics research data platform to improve care of patients with cardiomyopathies using routine electronic health records and standardised biobanking. Neth Heart J 2019;27:426-34.
  2. Cadrin-Tourigny et al. A new prediction model for ventricular arrhythmias in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Eur Heart J 2019;40:1850-1858
  3. Garnier et al. Genome-wide association analysis in dilated cardiomyopathy reveals two new players in systolic heart failure on chromosomes 3p25.1 and 22q11.23. Eur Heart J 2021;42:2000-2011.
  4. Sammani et al. Automatic identification of Patients with Unexplained Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Electronic Health Record Data to Improve Targeted Treatment and Family Screening. Front Cardiovasc Med 2022;9:768847
  5. Sepehrkhouy et al. Distinct fibrosis patterns in desmosomal and phospholamban mutation carriers in hereditary cardiomyopathies. Heart Rhythm 2017;14:1024-1032.
  6. Muller et al. Characteristics and Outcomes of COVID-19 in heart transplantation recipients in the Netherlands. Neth Heart J 2022;30:519-525

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