Use of residual material Use of residual material

Use of residual material
Use of residual material

For the purposes of patient examinations and treatment, it is occasionally necessary to take blood or tissue samples (for example). It is often the case that some of this material is left after treatment. This pertains to blood or tissue that is no longer immediately required for your examination or treatment. We refer to this as residual material. We store this residual material carefully in a so-called biobank.

We use the residual material for:

  • quality control and education
  • scientific research: e.g. into the causes of disease and to develop new medicines and treatment methods


Scientific research using residual material

Researchers from the UMC Utrecht who wish to use residual material from the biobank need permission from an independent committee. This committee assess the medical scientific quality of the research proposal. Your name will never be revealed to a researcher who uses your blood or tissue.

In order to ensure that our knowledge will lead to concrete applications in healthcare, we occasionally collaborate with companies in the private sector, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, we always maintain control over the research as well as the research questions. We also check that the results of the research benefit healthcare.

Feedback of information

Scientific research involving residual material will probably not yield any information of any direct significance to your treatment. We publish the general findings of scientific research in professional journals and in the general press.

It is possible, however, that by chance something is discovered in your residual material that could be of direct interest for your health or that of your family members. You will be notified of such chance discoveries by the physician treating you or by your family doctor.

Prefer not to be informed of such chance discoveries? Then please indicate this preference on the use of residual material objection form.


Have you got any objection to the use of your blood or tissue for scientific research or education? Would you prefer not to be informed of chance discoveries? Then please notify us by filling in an objection form. If you object, then we will refrain from using your blood and tissue for the purposes of scientific research and education. This will not have any effect whatsoever on the healthcare you receive. Further information on the UMC Utrecht’s central biobank, the use of residual material and the objection form can be found in our leaflet "Use of Residual Material for Medical Scientific Research and Education." This is available at Patient Service, on the nursing ward and in the outpatient clinic.

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