Utrecht Monoclonal Antibody Facility (UMAB)

Utrecht Monoclonal Antibody Facility (UMAB)

Monoclonal antibodies are important for specific basic research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

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UMAB offers a new and very efficient cellular immunization method (UMi/UMe) to raise antibodies against low immunogenic membrane proteins. With this method antibodies were generated to tetra spanning membrane proteins, conformational epitopes and agonistic and antagonistic mAbs. On request we can make mAbs against soluble proteins/peptides with Complete Freund’s adjuvant.

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  • Dossier management for ethical approval (Animal Experiments Committee)
  • Immunizations of mice with unique proprietary immunization methodology (UMi/UMe)
  • Screening for high specific binding to protein of interest by flow cytometry
  • Hybridoma generation and selection
  • Specific monoclonal antibodies for conformational epitopes
  • Generation of agonistic or antagonistic antibodies to check point inhibitors for example
  • Cross reactivity with cynomolgus monkey for clinical development

Extra services (on request)

  • Subcloning of positive wells by limiting dilutions
  • Sequencing of hybridomas
  • Chimerization and production of recombinant antibodies
  • Modification of antibodies for enhanced or silenced interaction with Fc receptors and/or complement
  • Affinity determination by Ligand Tracer platform
  • Functional assays, e.g., inhibition assays, internalization, ADCC, CDC and others
  • Wide variety of tumor models in mice

The UMAB Facility is part of the Center of Translational Immunology at UMC Utrecht
The facility works with certification ISO9001.

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