Educational development and consultancy

The Center for Research and Development of Education offers expertise in the following areas of education in the healthcare sector. It does so for both UMC Utrecht and third parties.

  • Curriculum design
  • Methods for course-based education, practical training and clinical training
  • Methods and quality assurance of tests and assessment
  • Selection procedures
  • Project management and supervision of educational development and implementation


The Center for Research and Development of Education supports the development and implementation of new curricula by making a project manager or project advisor available, usually for long-term projects (one or more years) requiring both educational expertise and expertise in the fields of process guidance and change processes.


The Center for Research and Development of Education

  • provides tailored coaching and advice for the development of courses, programs and curricula. This usually involves guidance in the form of a series of meetings in which clients receive help in designing blueprints for their training courses or programs.
  • provides educational expertise and supervises the process. Implementation is done mainly by the client or the coaches, depending on the client’s wishes.
  • participates regularly in national and international medical education development projects. 

Advice examples

For whomWhatWhen

Various clients 

Advice on international competency-oriented medical training               

Since 2010

The Radiological Society of the Netherlands 

Biannual advice on the national progress test for trainee radiologists

Since 2010

Medical School at UMC Utrecht               

Advice on the revision of the ‘CRU 2015' curriculum      Since 2011
Department for medical continuation courses  Project management for the development of various cross-discipline courses for trainee doctorsSince 2012
 University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, in association with HAN University of Applied Sciences and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Advice on the development of a competency-oriented workplace curriculum for the new Bachelor of Biomedical Assistance course2013-2014

UMC Utrecht Training Academy    

Project Consultant for updating the curriculum of the continuation courses for nurses and the vocational training courses 


Netherlands Orthopedic Association

Assistance in writing the national orthopedics training plan, in implementing this training plan and in setting up and providing the training courses for trainers and trainee doctors  


University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 

Assistance in developing the workplace curriculum of the Physician Assistant course  

Department of Geriatric Psychiatry of the Netherlands Psychiatric Association                Assistance in developing a national geriatric psychiatry curriculum2008-2009



Please send an email requesting assistance to one of the following staff members:

Prof. Marieke van der Schaaf

Dr. Hanneke Mulder


After holding an exploratory talk, we assess whether our expertise matches your request and whether we have the capacity to fulfill your request. If both questions are answered in the affirmative, we draw up a quotation outlining the services we can provide at what price.

UMC Utrecht provides free basic services to the courses for which the Center for Research and Development of Education bears responsibility.